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We’re taking the best of FRIDAYS and unveiling an all-new image at Paseo de la Habana 17

  • We have a lot to celebrate: it’s our 25th anniversary in Spain and we’re opening an all-new restaurant with an all-new image but, above all, we have the secret to happiness: we know the best day of the week is a place.
  • The heart of the all-new restaurant on Paseo de la Habana is a large central bar where you can enjoy endless rounds of cocktails and our kitchen, from which we have taken down the walls so you can begin drooling over our mythical Ribs with Jack Daniel’s sauce or that hamburger with layers of flavors you’ve been dreaming about as soon as we began preparing them.
Madrid, 14th November, 2017.

Today is November 14th. And it’s Friday. This morning, we got up thinking about telling you how we’re opening our new flagship restaurant with an everyday press release. But, then, we came to FRIDAYS and the magic took effect.  It’s Friday and we want to invite you to join the party!

The first FRIDAYS on continental Europe opened its doors 25 years ago at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium shopping mall. This first restaurant brought its mythical Ribs with Jack Daniel’s sauce, Buffalo Wings, authentic giant American grilled hamburgers and that heavenly Pie in the Sky to Spain for the first time ever. 

Now, we’re opening an all-new restaurant in the neighborhood, at Paseo de la Habana 17, and we wanted to take all our treasures to the restaurant of our dreams by updating our image to put the well-deserved focus on the large central bar where you can begin -and not end- the day and our kitchen, which we’ve incorporated into the dining room to begin enjoy the genuine FRIDAYS dishes as soon as the preparations start.

And something else just couldn’t be missing from the all-new flagship FRIDAYS: Large screens throughout the restaurant for guests to enjoy every bit of the major NFL, NBA and Champions League sports events live without missing a single detail all while holding a good beer in one hand and a recently-made FRIDAYS hamburger in the other.

Because at FRIDAYS, we take fun very seriously; otherwise, we’d be called MONDAYS!