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wagamama rings in the spring with all new dishes and its fifth opening in Madrid

  • The thirteen new, long-awaited recipes completing the international wagamama menu have arrived in Spain: their irresistible buns, two dishes with udon noodles, the all-new vegetarian shiitake donburi and a new “chef specialty”, the omakase steak bulgogi.
  • Just about to celebrate one year in Spain, wagamama is opening its fifth restaurant in Madrid at calle Princesa 5.
Madrid, 22nd March, 2018.

In line with its kaizen philosophy of ongoing improvement, wagamama has welcomed the spring in the best way possible: by opening its first restaurant of the year at calle Princesa 5 in Madrid and updating its menu to now offer 13 new dishes.

As for sides, the long-awaited hirata buns and duck wraps have arrived in homage to the authentic Asian flavors. New main dishes added to the menu include the vegetarian shiitake donburi and the all-new udon noodles as well as a new chef’s specialty, omakase steak bulgogi. Also completing the drink menu are three new green juices, manila beer and k-naia white wine.

Just about to celebrate one year in Spain on April 19th, wagamama has opened its fifth restaurant in the capital city at calle Princesa 5. A 480 m2 location with 177 seats divided among its large dining room and terrace, it’s loyal to the style that has made the brand an international reference. The meticulous lighting inspired by Japanese culture and characteristic adjoining tables invite guests to share some good times. The large central bar, where guests can enjoy the long list of imported Asian beverages and juices made to order, presides over the restaurant. And guests can see how they prepare and serve the brand’s fresh, quality recipes inspired by Pan-Asian gastronomy as soon as they are ready in the open-view kitchen.

The all-new menu, a pleasure for the senses

In addition to the iconic ramen, teppanyaki, curry and donburi dishes the brand was already offering in Spain, there are now 13 all-new, long-awaited recipes available, expanding their offer at all restaurants in Spain which already featured the brand’s full international menu.

One of the most highly awaited new dishes are the hirata steamed buns as sides, two spongy Asian bao buns served with Japanese mayonnaise and coriander, available in four delicious varieties: spicy crispy chicken with fresh tomatoes, Korean barbecue beef with red onions, mushrooms and panko eggplant and pork with panko apples.

Duck wraps are also being offered as new sides with crunchy shredded duck served with cucumbers and spring onions, to be combined with Asian pancakes and cherry Hoisin sauce or a lettuce wrap with Tamari sauce.

wagamama is ringing in the spring with all-new dishes and its fifth opening in Madrid.  The different varieties include spicy crispy chicken with fresh tomatoes, Korean barbecue beef with red onions, mushrooms and panko eggplant and pork with panko apples.

Along with the traditional donburi dishes, they have added a vegetarian version - the shiitake donburi, a delicious shiitake mushroom omelet with broccoli served on whole-grain rice in Teriyaki sauce and topped with shredded carrots, spring onions, watercress and chilies. It’s a real explosion of flavors and textures.

Udon noodles complete the line of teppanyaki dishes and are available in two versions. Yaki udon, which are noodles cooked in curry oil with chicken, shrimp, chikuwa, eggs, soybean sprouts, leek, mushrooms and peppers topped with fried shallots, pickled ginger and sesame seeds, and ginger chicken udon, which are noodles with ginger chicken, snow peas, eggs, chilies, soybean sprouts and red onion topped with pickled ginger and coriander.

The all-new menu also includes a new omakase, the steak bulgogi, which is marinated beef loin served on a bed of soba noodles with eggplant in a sesame and bulgogi sauce and topped with spring onions, kimchee and a half tea egg.  It joins the already available chef’s specialties: teriyaki lamb, grilled tuna and grilled duck donburi.

Plus, three new all-natural green juices have been added to bring this category to a total of 11 varieties of juices prepared to order with the freshest of ingredients. The beverage list also includes manila beer, a homage to its city of origin and famous for its versatility, as well as the suggestive, cheerful and refreshing k-naia wine.

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