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VIPS presents its “Really open” campaign

    Madrid, 10th October, 2016.

    Madrid; October 10, 2016. VIPS, the leading restaurant chain in Spain, has started its “Really open” campaign to reaffirm and communicate the brand’s essence and values with modern, fresh and all-new communication codes. With this campaign, VIPS seeks to reinforce its engagement with its customers and increase the brand’s notoriety nationwide.

    Using a claim with just two words, “Really open”, VIPS is highlighting the attributes that make it stand out: an inclusive, versatile and multi-generational brand which, therefore, is aimed at diverse target publics; with a very varied offering that includes everything from trendy dishes and ingredients to take care of oneself such as bulgur, kale and its Green Vitality juice, to the brand’s indulging and traditional dishes like its famous pancakes and shakes. VIPS is also known for covering all eating times throughout the day with extended opening hours starting with breakfast and ending with late suppers.

    This is the first campaign created by *S,C,P,F… and Mr. John Sample for VIPS, after being awarded the contract by the brand following a request for offers last spring. The campaign mobilizes a wide mix of national media with television spots, outdoor advertising and social networking actions as well as throughout the entire internal VIPS media ecosystem from its restaurants to its digital platform through its website and its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

    "Really open” transmits the brand’s essence. It’s a very modern and fresh campaign that really hooks you in with the very roots under VIPS”, said José María Pérez, VIPS Director of Marketing.

    Juan Manuel de La Nuez, CEO of *S,C,P,F … added that “It’s really satisfying for us to be able to contribute to VIPS’ expansion through a concept that is so closely linked to the brand’s DNA. From the very beginning, VIPS has been a reference as far as bringing in new developments, creating trends and being a relevant brand for all ages.” 


    The “Really open” sign and manifest

    The tables at all VIPS restaurants have been decorated with tablecloths printed with the VIPS manifest, which describes and reaffirms the inclusive essence and variety of options that characterize the brand. Moreover, the “Really open” sign is now hanging on the doors of all VIPS locations to indicate the brand’s values and welcome all visitors.


    An all-new digitally-adapted logo

    In response to the brand’s esthetic and conceptual evolution, the VIPS logo has also been updated in an effort to make it more versatile and legible. So, it is no longer surrounded by the traditional oval and is now hangs a bit more free over a rectangular piece so it can be better adapted to the different mediums, especially in the digital environment.  It also unifies the different takes on the logo for VIPS Smart, the VIPS “quick service” offering, and the VIPS Shop, the extra space attached to some VIPS restaurants where customers can find trendy and up-to-date products, under the one VIPS brand.


    VIPS Expansion in Spain

    Established in 1969 in Madrid, the revolutionary cutting edge VIPS approach soon positioned the brand as a leader in the city’s restaurant sector. This campaign emphasizes the attributes that define VIPS and seeks to reinforce the brand’s engagement with its customers and fans in Madrid.

    In addition, it aims to increase VIPS notoriety outside the capital city to accompany the expansion process underway throughout Spain. VIPS currently has 114 restaurants including VIPS and VIPS Smart, 30 of which are franchises, the main VIPS growth model.


    Technical data sheet: VIPS. Really open.

    Agency: SCPF and Mr John Sample
    Advertiser: VIPS
    Product: Brand
    Brand: VIPS

    Sector: Restaurant
    Client contact: Jose María Pérez, Catalina Carnicero, Javier Morante, Alberto Izaguirre, Raquel Martín.

    Creative team: Miguel Madariaga, Daniel García Fernández, Rafa G. Fuentes.

    Online Art Director: Fernando García.

    Account team: Natalia Cazcarra, María Figaredo, Susana Farrán, Laura Martin

    Agency producer: Pau Cabarrocas
    Production company: SOFA
    Producer: Bernat Lliteras
    Director of Photography: Roman M. De Brujo
    Post-Production studio: La Metropolitana de Montajes

    Executive Producer: Athenea Harrington

    Sound studio: Marc Tena

    Piece: 2 x 20” TV Spot
    Title: “Really Open” and Stay around”

    Music: Original piece


    About VIPS

    VIPS is a Spanish restaurant and retail chain that belongs to Grupo Vips. It operates under three formats, offering a cafeteria-restaurant service combined with a retail shop, only the restaurant service without a shop and the quick service version, VIPSmart, with a selection of the most iconic VIPS dishes without table service and at a more affordable price.

    The VIPS shop is an additional space adjacent to the VIPS cafeteria-restaurant where consumers may purchase national and international press, the latest books, CDs and films, and various food and gift products for all tastes.

    The VIPS concept is known for its extended opening hours and for opening 365 days a year.

    With a history of more than 45 years and a total of 114 locations throughout Spain (94 VIPS and 20 VIPSmart), VIPS is a reference in the country's food service and retail sector.

    More information at: / Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr.

    VIPS is an official supplier of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and collaborates with the Women's Universe project, a comprehensive program led by the FEB in collaboration with the Spanish Higher Council for Sports, to promote women's sport and the values it is capable of transmitting which can be used as a tool for social improvement and transformation.