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VIPS is now an official supplier of the Spanish National Basketball Team

    Madrid, 9th May, 2016.


    Madrid, May 9, 2016 - VIPS, the leading restaurant chain in Spain which belongs to the Grupo Vips, has reached an agreement with the Spanish Basketball Federation to become an official supplier of the women's and men's national basketball teams for two years.

    VIPS is also joining Women's Universe, a comprehensive program led by the Spanish Basketball Federation in collaboration with the Spanish Higher Council for Sports, to promote women's sport and the values it is capable of transmitting which can be used as a tool for social improvement and transformation.

    Under the agreement, VIPS will actively participate in men's and women's teams' preparation tours, promoting the events in different Spanish cities. It will also activate awareness actions on the importance of promoting women's roles in sport and society by organizing conferences, roundtables and charity games in collaboration with Women's Universe and charity organizations that work with different groups of peoples such as the handicapped and youth at risk of social exclusion.

    The agreement was presented today at a lunch held in the emblematic Velázquez VIPS restaurant in Madrid and attended by the Spanish Basketball Federation trainers, Sergio Scariolo and Lucas Mondelo, VIPS executives including Enrique Francia, CEO of Grupo Vips and Beatriz Pardo, General Manager of VIPS, as well as Spanish basketball legends like Jorge Garbajosa and Amaya Valdemoro.

    “We're proud to support our national basketball teams through this agreement as we share essential values like teamwork, commitment, effort and excitement for the future,” said Beatriz Pardo, General Manager of VIPS. “Linking VIPS to one of the most prestigious sports organizations in Spain is no doubt a source of excitement for the whole team and a milestone we believe will strengthen the image of our brand nationwide”, she also added.

    José Antonio Montero, a former international player and current Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Spanish Basketball Federation, highlighted “the importance for our team to continue growing and we can do so with VIPS. This is not only a sponsorship agreement; it's an alliance to disseminate the image of our national teams and basketball in general even better and we're going to do so with the help of VIPS up-close with people, in their day-to-day”. Montero emphasized the satisfaction of the Spanish Basketball Federation because this is “a long-term agreement with many challenges ahead which will also support our Women's Universe Basketball program”.


    About VIPS

    VIPS is a Spanish restaurant and retail chain that belongs to Grupo Vips. It operates under three formats, offering a cafeteria-restaurant service combined with a retail shop, only the restaurant service without a shop and the quick service version, VIPSmart, with a selection of the most iconic VIPS dishes without table service and at a more affordable price. The VIPS concept is known for its extended opening hours and for opening 365 days a year.

    The VIPS shop is an additional space adjacent to the cafeteria-restaurant where consumers may purchase national and international press, the latest books, CDs and films, and various food and gift products for all tastes. The extended opening hours at VIPS shops, which are open 365 days a year, is perfect for those who have limited free time.

    With a history of more than 45 years and a total of 96 locations throughout Spain, VIPS is a reference in our country's food service and retail sector.


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