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VIPS invites you to enter “all the way into the kitchen” in its new “Right Away and How You Like It” spot

    Madrid, 11th April, 2018.

    The VIPS and VIPS Smart restaurants-café brands are presenting their new campaign “Right Away and How You Like It” today. This campaign is a follow-up to the “Really Open” campaign launched in 2016 which focused on the brand’s most outstanding value: inclusive and aimed at all types of publics with a truly varied offering that covers all tastes and all eating times from trendy dishes and ingredients to be healthy to the brand’s classic for an indulging treat, and with extended opening hours so everyone can enjoy them at any time.

    This new campaign goes deeper into the differential idea of personalizing its offer by allowing guests to literally enter “all the way into the kitchen”, where they prepare their dishes how each customer likes them at each of their 130 restaurants. Thanks to the endless personalization possibilities this allows, you can always find what you’re looking for at VIPS, no matter what you’re like or how you feel.

    The campaign mobilizes a broad mix of national media with 20” spots for television, internet and movie theaters, which will run until April 10th. Likewise, the campaign will be present throughout VIPS’ own media ecosystem from the restaurants to the digital world via its website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

    Technical data sheet: VIPS, RIGHT AWAY AND HOW YOU LIKE IT.

    Agency: SCPF
    Advertiser: VIPS
    Product: Brand
    Brand: VIPS

    Sector: Restaurant
    Client contact: Jorge Martínez, Alexis Chauvin, Raquel Martín

    Creative team: Miguel Madariaga, Javier Díaz - Masa, Borja Álvarez, Verónica Fernández

    Account team: Natalia Cazcarra, Musa Zardoya, Ramón Brea

    Agency producer: Pau Cabarrocas
    Production company: Tesauro
    Producer:  S O F A 
    Director of Photography: Rafael Reparaz

    Post-Production studio: Serena

    Executive Producers: Pancho Alted and Miki Heras

    Production Company Producers: Laura Ibáñez and Ana Gómez
    Sound studio:  Serena
    Piece: 2 x 20” TV Spot

    Music: Original piece