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VIPS in enriching its offer with new suggestions for a healthy summer

    Madrid, 1st June, 2016.

    Madrid, 1 June 2016.  VIPS restaurants have completed their summer offering with all-new trendy light options like Green Vitality juice and bulgur Veggie salad.

    Plus, they've overhauled the menu of the day with new and refreshing recipes like Soft Wheat salad, a selection of cold cream of vegetable soups and the exclusive turkey and vegetable sandwich.

    Even more variety at VIPS, with light options for a healthy summer

    VIPS is known for the great variety of options it offers its customers thanks to its extended non-stop kitchen hours as well as the more than 70 different recipes on its menu inspired by international culinary trends.

    Now, VIPS is expanding its menu and menu of the day options by adding all-new light recipes which are ideal for the summer season.

    For those looking for a nutritious drink bursting with vitamins any time of the day, VIPS is presenting Green Vitality, a tasty green juice that is suitable for vegans, prepared to order with freshly sliced cucumber and celery, fresh spinach and lemon and apple juice.

    The most trendy grain, bulgur, is also now on the VIPS menu in its all-new Veggie Salad, which is also suitable for vegans. It's a recipe that combines this nutritious ingredient with

    fresh vegetables like spinach and rocket seasoned with cashews, pumpkin seeds and a delicious and light lemon sauce.

    Fresh updates to the all-new summer menu of the day

    The VIPS menu of the day is known for the great variety of quality options at a very affordable price. Six appetizers, six main dishes and eight desserts which are updated each week with versions that reflect the variety of its traditional menu from its most iconic dishes inspired by American and Oriental cuisine to lighter options to stay fit.

    Now, VIPS has renovated its menu of the day with all-new light, seasonal and very trendy recipes.

    In addition to its successful bulgur salad; it has now added an all-new salad with soft wheat, lettuce, mandarin slices, red pepper and Oriental sauce as well as an exclusive turkey and vegetable sandwich, which is great for take away.

    The perfect dishes to combine with the all-new cold cream of vegetable soups available on the VIPS menu of the day like its cream of pumpkin soup with a touch of orange and vegetable chips or the cold cream of carrot and zucchini soup with wheat tortillas.

    All of these VIPS dishes are available for Take Away and in the order section of the Club Vips App so they can be enjoyed outdoors too now that the good weather has arrived.

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    About VIPS

    VIPS is a Spanish restaurant and retail chain that belongs to Grupo Vips. It operates under three formats, offering a cafeteria-restaurant service combined with a retail shop, only the restaurant service without a shop and the quick service version, VIPSmart, with a selection of the most iconic VIPS dishes without table service and at a more affordable price. The VIPS concept is known for its extended opening hours and for opening 365 days a year.

    The VIPS shop is an additional space adjacent to the cafeteria-restaurant where consumers may purchase national and international press, the latest books, CDs and films, and various food and gift products for all tastes. The extended opening hours at VIPS shops, which are open 365 days a year, is perfect for those who have limited free time.

    With a history of more than 45 years and a total of 96 locations throughout Spain, VIPS is a reference in our country's food service and retail sector.

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