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Start the season off with special products from the VIPS Shop

    Madrid, 26th July, 2016.

    Madrid; July 26, 2016. – Just like any of the phases of transition, going back to a routine is one of the most complicated times of the year. Breaking away from long sunny days at the beach and endless rest and fun can be a difficult task for adults and kids. That’s why, through its “Start off the Season” campaign, the Vips Shop wants to make the return from vacation exciting with a series of items and essential details to gear up in style.

    One strategy for making the adaptation easier is to begin the preparations several days before returning to the everyday routine. Choosing modern, fun and novel accessories is fundamental to turning it all into a positive and stimulating experience. So, the VIPS Shop is always analyzing the latest trends and carefully selecting products and items that combine modernity, attractiveness and utility. At their shops, you can find a wide range of school and office supplies from pencils and pencil cases to other accessories like practical lunch bags.

    The VIPS Shop has extended opening hours 365 days a year so there’s no excuse not to be completely equipped upon going back to your routine.

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    About VIPS Shops

    The VIPS Shop is the place to find trendy products and the most novel and original gifts within extended business hours 365 days a year. With more than 45 years of experience, they are found at 25 VIPS cafeteria-restaurants in Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville, and offer a careful selection of books and films, gourmet products, fashion accessories, children's items and technological devices.

    The VIPS Shop also offers a special order book service and home delivery for purchases of more than 50 euros. VIPS Shop customers can take advantage of the benefits and special promotions available through the Club VIPS App, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android devices.