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Starbucks shows you the new way to savor the spring with its new Teavana Tea Lattes

  • With this new collection, Starbucks continues to be committed to the Japanese matcha tea trend, now with a whole new pure matcha recipe.
  • The all-new micro-grounding technique developed by Starbucks experts helps extract all the flavor of the tea leaves to release different flavors, aromas and nuances.
  • The collection includes three varieties: Matcha Latte, Rooibos Latte and the limited edition Red Apple Rooibos Latte, all also available in cold versions.
Madrid, 19th March, 2018.

There’s good news for tea lovers. In order to ring in the fast-approaching spring and, since just like every year, it brings a desire for new sensations and experiences, Starbucks is again delighting its fans by introducing its new line of Teavana Tea Lattes following more than three years of research to create the perfect Tea Latte.

The all-new Starbucks Tea Lattes are all about the Japanese matcha tea trend. Praised by celebrities because of its extraordinary properties, matcha tea has become the fashionable beverage nowadays. But, by no means is it a new product. This more than 2500-year-old basically ‘sacred’ beverage from China and Japan has always been said to offer a number of benefits.

The all-new Tea Lattes are made with the best quality tea leaves. The difference that makes them stand out lies in the processing method. Instead of infusing it, this tea is made using a micro-grounding process that helps completely release all the flavor. After being ground to powder, it is blended with skim milk to create the perfect mix with an extremely soft and comforting texture that emphasizes the various flavors, aromas and nuances.

Served pure, Rooibos Tea Latte and Matcha Tea Latte have no added sugar and can be enjoyed any time of the day -either to begin the morning, recharge your batteries in the afternoon or for a little treat for some relaxation.

These beverages can also be customized with your favorite plant-based beverage like soy, almond or oat milk and different plant-based toppings like soya, almonds or oatmeal. Plus, two of those offered (Rooibos and Red Apple Rooibos) have no theine. The three are also available in the “Ice” versions.

The three beverages in the Teavana Tea Lattes collection - Matcha Latte, Rooibos Latte and Red Apple Rooibos Latte -  are now available at Starbucks until May 3rd.

Made from three blends of matcha from Japan, China and Korea, the Matcha Latte offers subtle floral notes and a rich natural flavor with a sweet and persistent finish.

From South Africa, the Rooibos blend is a natural caffeine-free herbal tea with honey and vanilla aromas as well as hints of caramel and malt for a light sweetness. If served pure, there is no added sugar; however, syrup can be added for extra sweetness.

It’s slightly sweeter and fruitier than the Rooibos Latte due to the red apple syrup and topping. This Rooibos red apple tea will only be available for a limited time, so hurry up, as it’s the most instagramable beverage for those warm spring days.

Seasonal coffee
And, as is customary, Starbucks is introducing its all-new seasonal coffee this spring: Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is a remote island that grows coffee in the highest areas of its highly volcanic and fertile land. It’s such a diverse and special country that getting a coffee of unique origin is practically a miracle. The all-new Papua New Guinea coffee is made with Pacific Asian beans that are somewhat more roasted than the standard Espresso Roast.  It’s a less intense coffee yet has a pronounced herbal aroma and spicy flavor to satisfy the most demanding of palates looking to discover new flavors and experiences.

Plus, Starbucks started selling some of its best 100% Arabica coffees of ethical origin with a natural roast last January in individual capsules that can be used with Nespresso®* machines. It’s a way for Starbucks to offer its customers a convenient means to enjoy its most emblematic coffees - Espresso Roast, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya - at home too.

Suggested retail price for a box of 10 Starbucks espresso capsules – €3.95

*A third-party trademark not related to Starbucks Coffee Company.

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