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Starbucks Reserve, a new exotic, rare and exclusive coffee experience

    Madrid, 26th April, 2016.


    Madrid, April 26, 2016.- Starbucks has brought Reserve to Spain for the first time ever - an all-new and exclusive experience which offers customers a selection of rare Arabica coffees including some of the most exotic varietals in the world. Small-lots carefully roasted at Starbucks Reserve® Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle which are only available at select stores and in limited editions. With this exclusive coffee comes three new ways to prepare and drink it which will intensify the experience for fans of this beverage.

    The exceptionality of Reserve coffee is a reflection of the dedication and passion Starbucks has for coffee thanks to a large team that travels the world to discover small lots of the rarest coffees.  According to Álvaro Salafranca, CEO of Starbucks in Spain and Portugal, "We dedicate a lot of time from the very beginning to finding the most exquisite coffees in the world, with unique flavors that seduce, surprise and captivate. Of the thousands we find, only a small selection becomes "Starbucks Reserve Coffees".


    Nicaragua Maracaturra is an exceptional hybrid of the Maragogype and Caturra varietals with recognizable large leaves and coffee flowers. This incredible coffee was grown at the Buenos Aires estate in Dipilto, Nicaragua, a place with sustainable farming practices, fertile soil, great altitude and a perfect micro-climate. Perhaps the size of the cherries is an indication of the complex flavor which features sweet herbal aromas and flavors that remind you of apricots, peaches and honey yet with a brilliant acidity and creamy vanilla sensation.

    Ethiopia Guji. This coffee is an example of a successful sustainable model. On the hills surrounding the Bilida Bukisa station in the Ethiopian region of Oromia, 750 farmers grow perfectly ripe coffee cherries at altitudes of more than 6,400 feet. This coffee is washed and dried in raised beds under the sun during which time it develops surprising and deep flavors. This coffee has a distinctive flavor which is not powerful or aggressive but rather aromatic and delicate. The aromas are of recently-cut lavender. Predominating in the flavor are lemon and a sweetness much like blackcurrant, to create a mild and unique cup of coffee.

    Kenya Kaganda. This coffee comes from the Great Rift Valley in Kenya where the soil, which is rich in volcanic minerals, makes for a unique zone for coffee bean growing where a co-operative of farmers gather the ripe red cherries. The meticulous handling of these cherries results in a delicious cup of coffee with fruity aromas and flavors that remind you of peaches and strawberries. The acidity is similar to that of a lime, with a bit of a spicy touch.


    An exclusive coffee in a unique setting.

    The best coffee requires an exceptional setting to enjoy it. Therefore, Starbucks has transformed its emblematic Beatriz store located at calle Ortega y Gasset 29, right in the middle of the Salamanca district, to not only house the mythical Starbucks store but also an all-new Reserve space which is the first in Spain. "We're very excited about being able to launch Reserve in Madrid. For us, it's an honor to be able to offer Spanish customers this very exceptional experience”, Salafranca said.

    The store, which occupies 238m2 and has been decorated in line with a concept devised by Liz Muller's team, is all decked out to welcome this experience. The design is inspired by the quality of the coffee beans and the passion with which coffee growers and partners around the world help create each cup of coffee for our customers.

    The use of natural and sustainable materials such as marble, oak, raw steel and continuous granite flooring reflects the Starbucks essence which is based on the sobriety and natural elegance of the Earth. Topping off this design are the winding wooden slabs on the ceiling that create the spiral print left after raking the beans during the drying process in coffee growing regions. The store also now features two outdoor terrace lounges and a total of 117 seats, 42 of which are inside.

    As concerns the store, Salafranca explained: “The coffees are so unique that the setting had to go along with this idea and the store perfectly reflects this passion for the origin and work of all those who participate in the process of achieving a perfect cup of coffee for every customer”.


    Clover, a new way to prepare the best coffee

    To offer this Reserve experience, the recently reformed Beatriz store now includes a new theatrical bar offering different coffee preparation methods: pour over, French press and Clover.  The latter is being introduced for the first time ever in Spain and allows coffee fans to discover a whole world of senses.

    Clover is a small coffee maker exclusive to Starbucks, created in a garage laboratory in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, which makes it possible to enjoy all of the nuances of the most traditional blends and the aromas of the most exotic coffee beans featured in the "Starbucks Reserve" line. It is a cross between a plunger coffee maker and a vacuum-press coffee maker which absorbs the water in the bottom and filters it through a layer of finely ground coffee. The filter maintains the best and most aromatic coffee oils. Because of the ingenuity and attractive design, Clover offers coffee fans unique personalization and service levels.


    Served by the most expert baristas.

    Reserve is served in the store by the most expert baristas: coffee masters who prepare each coffee with care, heating the milk and adding any complements chosen by the customer right in front of them.  The beverage is presented on a raised counter almost as if on stage. The Clover process as well as the other two that may be enjoyed at this store are attractive and even beautiful. It's something worth observing and worth waiting for.

    The best coffee in a unique setting and the exclusive method of preparation by the most expert baristas turn Reserve into an unforgettable experience for the senses.



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