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Starbucks presents its all-new Cheesecake Frappuccino®

  • Starbucks celebrates International Cheesecake Day by launching a limited edition Frappuccino® in tribute to this iconic dessert.
  • The all-new Cheesecake Frappuccino® will be available in three flavors – Blueberry, Mocha and Caramel – at all Starbucks Spain stores and for a limited time from July 26th to September 5th.
Madrid, 26th July, 2018.

July 30th is International Cheesecake Day. This typically American dessert, which has become famous with legions of fans all over the world, is more than deserving of its own special day.

Starbucks did not want to be left out of this celebration so, inspired by this exquisite cake, it has launched a limited edition Frappuccino® with three Cheesecake recipes available from July 26th to September 5th.

Customers can enjoy the traditional cheesecake recipe with Cheesecake Frapuccino® Blueberry, but those looking for bolder flavors can choose either the Mocha or Caramel version.

These three new items will really surprise true fans of this dessert who will be able to drink it for the first time ever. They’ll enjoy the delicious flavor and creamy texture of the most authentic American cheesecake with a refreshing ice-cream touch.

There’s no doubt about it, Starbucks’ one-of-a-kind Frappuccino® has become quite the summer icon. This is why Starbucks never stops innovating to adapt this beverage to new trends, flavors and its customers’ different tastes.

Just like with the entire Frappuccino® line (coffee, cream or fruit), this limited edition can be ordered with any of the four different cow’s milk options (whole, 1%, semi-skimmed, skimmed and lactose-free) or any of the three plant-based options (soy, oat and almond). They are also available in light versions.

Plus, to celebrate this International Cheesecake Day, Starbucks will offer a special promotion at all of its stores in Spain: it will give away 50 Frappuccino® Cheesecake beverages to the first guests to come try it on July 30th.

Frappuccino®: starting at €4.50

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