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Starbucks opens a new store at La Rambla 122

  • The store is located in one of the most attractive buildings on La Rambla and features a surface area of 174 m2.
  • A team of 11 baristas, trained to prepare more than 86,000 different varieties of beverages, will offer customers personalized coffee experiences.
Barcelona, 24th July, 2018.

 Starbucks, the leading coffee roaster and distributor in the world, opened a new store today at La Rambla de Catalunya, 122, one of the main arteries in Barcelona. The opening of this new Starbucks consolidates the brand’s presence in strategic points around the city.

A store that pays homage to the city’s art

The new store is located in one of the most attractive buildings on La Rambla, with a lovely stone facade featuring balconies and several arches comprising the entrance and large windows. The premises spread over a surface area of 174 m², with 61 seats inside and 48 on the spacious outdoor terrace.

The design, which respects the building’s history, has maintained the original wooden floor for authenticity and warmth. Inside, the tables are distributed in rows which, together with the large bookshelf on the wall, creates the feeling of a cozy library. The walls are decorated with paintings that reflect the coffee growing regions that supply the brand with the highest quality Arabica coffee grown pursuant to responsible practices and purchased through ethical trade.

11 baristas to offer personalized coffee experiences

The Starbucks La Rambla store has a staff of 11 baristas - coffee experts trained to be able to prepare up to 86,000 combinations of different and customized beverages to order in an artisan way. They all know how to identify the different types of coffee, origins and roasting processes as well as the different degrees of intensity to be able to suggest the most adequate combinations to boost the flavor and emphasize the characteristics of each variety.

Besides receiving recommendations from our baristas on the type of coffee beans used, future customers who of this Starbucks may choose everything from the type of milk (animal or plant-based) and syrups (vanilla or caramel, which are also available in light versions) and enjoy the taste of the brand’s delicious beverages such as their famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk.

All the benefits of Club VIPS on your cell phone

To complete the experience, Starbucks customers may join the emblematic VIPS Club for free – the pioneer and leading loyalty program in the restaurant sector in Spain. Through the Club VIPS app, members may take advantage of all the club benefits such as special mobile offers, EuroVIPS, geolocation, a Wi-Fi button to surf the web for free, the possibility of ordering from a phone and paying faster with just a click and the Club VIPS coin purse so guests always have money available and can send money to others.

About Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed since its foundation in 1971 to work with the supply of raw materials in an ethical way and the production of the best Arabica coffee in the world. Nowadays, with stores all over the world, the company is the first coffee roaster and distributor in the world. Thanks to its commitment to excellence, Starbucks Coffee Company offers a rewarding experience that enriches the lives of people cup by cup. To share this experience, visit