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Starbucks opens a new store at Castellana 278, one of the most important business districts in Madrid

    Madrid, 13th May, 2015.

    Madrid, 13 May 2015.-Starbucks is opening a new store at calle Castellana nº278, opposite the well-known Cuatro Torres district, thereby contributing to the invigoration and diversification of the service offer in the area and providing the more than 20,000 employees there with a place to take a break, relax and meet while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee.

    The store, which occupies 180 m2 has a capacity for 70 in the dining room and another 44 on the terrace and will be served by 15 employees. The design is inspired by the brand's values and, thus, features natural wood and a window that bathes the store in sunlight, which brings warmth and fosters gatherings. The decoration also contrasts with the metal and glass dominating the buildings in the area, giving the store a "refuge" like atmosphere. 

    Starbucks began operating in Spain at the hands of Grupo Vips in 2002, and with this new opening, it now has 78 internally owned stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Seville as well as another 10 which are being operated at airports under licensing agreements.

    In the words of Álvaro Salafranca, CEO of Starbucks Spain and Portugal, “We are pleased to open a new store in a district as emblematic for Madrid's business life as the Castellana and Cuatro Torres which is also where our future offices will be located. For us, it's an exceptional opportunity to offer those who will be our "neighbors" an example of know-how and passion for Starbucks coffee".


    New store, new App

    The new store at Castellana 278 will also have the service offered by the new Club Vips APP, which allows customers to choose, order and pay for all beverages and food using their cell phone without having to go through the cash register.  They just go pick up their orders directly. This APP has been available since last April at all Starbucks and Grupo Vips stores. Just perfect if you only have a little time between meetings.

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    About Starbucks

    Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working with ethical raw material suppliers and the production of the best Arabica coffee in the world since its foundation in 1971. Nowadays, with shops all over the planet, the company is the leading coffee toaster and distributor in the world. Thanks to its commitment to excellence, Starbucks Coffee Company offers a gratifying experience, which enriches people's lives from cup to cup. To become a part of this experience, visit