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Starbucks opens its first store in Valladolid

  • It’s the first brand location to be opened in Castilla y León .
Valladolid, 19th July, 2017.

Starbucks, the leading coffee roaster in the world, opened its first location in Valladolid today at RIO Shopping, the largest shopping mall in Castilla y León. The all-new store is also the first brand location to be opened in this autonomous region.

In fact, the inauguration of this first Starbucks in Castilla y León is part of the expansion plan through which the brand wishes to consolidate its presence in Spain by reaching regions where it has not been present to date.

The RIO Shopping Starbucks is located in the atrium at the entrance of the shopping mall and is very special because of the format - an indoor 16 m2 kiosk with a 100 m2 terrace made of wood. The terrace has 38 seats and features a curved bench around the enclosure.

The Starbucks culture patterns relating to sustainability and environmental protection were followed when building it. The result is a location with an innovative, sustainable and completely modular structure which reduces the impact on the surrounding area.

Inspired by the concepts of transparency, lightness and aperture, the design for the location is curved to perfectly combine with the shopping mall’s architectural lines. A transparent net covers the kiosk where the baristas work so guests can observe their work from any angle. Thus, customers may enjoy the entire Starbucks coffee expertise all while discovering how their favorite beverages are prepared. 

The new Starbucks store is operated by 15 of its now-famous baristas (coffee experts), who are trained to prepare up to 86,000 different and personalized combinations of beverages to order and in an artisan way.  Customers may choose everything from the type of coffee to the type of milk and syrups and enjoy the taste of Starbucks’ delicious beverages such as their famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk to create the best cream.

Discover the new Starbucks products for this summer

The Starbucks in the RIO Shopping mall may try the brand’s new products for this summer, based on the cold-coffee trend: Cold Brew, which is obtained by infusing 100% Arabica coffee with water at room temperature for 20 hours, and Cappuccino Freddo, the cold version of the genuine Starbucks cappuccino. These two new beverages, which are proving to be quite the craze all over the world, allow guests to enjoy the best coffee in a refreshing way.

For tea enthusiasts, Starbucks has presented Iced Mango Black Tea Lemonade, the all-new flavor in the Teavana™ Shaken Iced line which combines Starbucks ice tea with black tea and a delicious mango and lemonade syrup. The Teavana™ Shaken Iced line is completed with the flavors Peach Green Tea Lemonade (81 calories) and Blackberry Mojito Green Tea Lemonade (alcohol-free, 85 calories).

Plus, Starbucks is also offering the possibility of trying its all-new line of salty foods with fresh products made each day by its baristas as the perfect complement to the TeavanaTM Shaken Iced line. It’s no doubt the perfect combination for enjoying a unique experience at the new Starbucks in the RIO Shopping mall. 

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