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Starbucks launches in limited edition White Mocca Cold Brew

    Lisboa, 7th July, 2017.

    White Mocca Cold Brew has been the chosen drink for more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    White Mocca Cold Brew is the name of the drink created by Fabio Neno, the Starbucks barista, which won the EMEA Barista Championship, an internal initiative created by the brand.

    Every day, thousands of Starbucks baristas around the world prepare countless drinks, always making sure that they are perfect for every customer. The first edition of the Barista Championship was held in 2013 with London baristas, providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, passion and uniqueness in creating Starbucks handcrafted drinks.

    In an extended edition to the EMEA region, more than 15,000 baristas from over 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, competed to win the desired purple apron, which resulted in 26 finalists, including Fabio, who flew to London to create a signature drink.

    "If they had told me five years ago that I was going to be here, and receive this great recognition, I would not have believed it. At Starbucks, I learned that if you really want something and put your heart into whatever you do, there is no stopping you " Says Fabio Neno, a Starbucks partner from Portugal.

    After careful deliberation by the jury, Fabio Neno went through all the stages, from a Coffee tasting to prove his knowledge in coffee, prepare a perfect Latte, a Cappuccino, a Caramel Macchiato and a Flat White to check his technical skills and, finally, the presentation of his original drink and the winner of the championship: The White Mocca Cold Brew.

    This limited-edition drink that honors the Fabio Neno’s victory, is composed of the traditional Cold Brew Starbucks, flavored with Mocca Blanco, Covered with a layer of cold milk and a finishing touch of cinnamon.

    Served with ice and very creamy, this White Mocca Cold Brew drink is available from July 6th to 12th, in all Starbucks stores in Portugal and Europe.


    More about Fabio Neno:

    Starbucks partner for about 6 years, Fabio joined the company part-time while studying. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed Coffee Master and, did not stop until he became Coffee Ambassador, which allowed him to get to know from up close all Starbucks stores and their different equipment.

    With an insatiable urge to learn more, Fabio Neno was one of the first partners in Portugal to dominate the Latte Art world, executing the renowned hearts in its drinks.

    He was champion of Portugal, and after that victory, presented himself to the Barista Championship EMEA 2016, where he won the international competition with his original drink White Mocca Cold Brew.


    R.R.P.: White Mocca Cold Brew - from € 2.90

    You can watch Fabio Neno's victory at:


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