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Starbucks invites you to try its all-new Reserve® coffee beverages, available as limited editions

    Madrid, 12th September, 2016.


    Madrid; September 12, 2016.-  Following the recent arrival in Spain of the Reserve® experience, an area set up in the Ortega y Gasset 29 store where customers can enjoy an exotic, unique and exquisite coffee in the most exclusive atmosphere, Starbucks has brought its all-new Reserve® coffees to Spain for the fall-winter season. Anyone who wishes may enjoy small batches of the Starbucks Reserve® brands Burundi Procasta, Colombia la Unión and Papua New Guinea Luoka, a collection of coffees considered to be some of the most exotic in the world which will be available only at selected stores and as limited editions.

    The exceptionality of Reserve® coffee is a reflection of the dedication and passion Starbucks has for coffee thanks to a large team that travels the world to discover small batches of the most exclusive coffees.  


    Burundi Procasta

    Because of the work of Pierre Nzeyima and Leoncie Minani in creating the Procasta washing station in 2012 to help improve people’s lives in their community, we can now enjoy Burundi Procasta coffee. By subsidizing the cost of fertilizers for farmers, they made it possible for the farmers to increase the consistency of the quality of their coffee which gave rise to the complex flavors found in this batch, with black tea aromas and amazing lemon acidity, all followed by sweet notes of grassy spices.


    Papua New Guinea Luoka

    Considered one of the most refined and elegant coffees in the world, Papua New Guinea Luoka has a scintillating acidity with lemon and orange citrus notes. It features a mild body and a final cocoa flavor. This coffee is very difficult to obtain because the land where the beans are grown is rugged. But thanks to the dedication of Peno Kavori, a treasure hunter who travels throughout Papua New Guinea in search of high quality coffee, we can now enjoy it.


    Colombia La Unión

    Grown near the city of Unión at a high altitude where the changes in temperature are so drastic between night and day that unique and lively flavors develop to produce this coffee with an outstanding flavor. The champagne-like effervescent lemon acidity with fresh green grass notes is amazing.


    Come try them

    The best coffee requires an exceptional environment to enjoy it. That’s why Starbucks has organized two seminars at its emblematic Beatriz store at calle Ortega y Gasset 29, right in the heart of the Salamanca district, so everyone who would like can come try these delicious and exotic coffees served by its expert baristas. The best coffee in a unique setting and exclusive method of preparation by the most expert baristas make Reserve an unforgettable experience for the senses.



    About Starbucks

    Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working with ethical raw material suppliers and the production of the best Arabica coffee in the world since its foundation in 1971. Nowadays, with stores all over the planet, the company is the leading coffee roaster and distributor in the world. Thanks to its commitment to excellence, Starbucks Coffee Company offers a gratifying experience which enriches people's lives from cup to cup. To become a part of this experience, visit