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Starbucks increases the chances of personalization with the new 100% vegetable oat drink

    Madrid, 18th April, 2017.


    • The new 100% vegetable oat beverage is organic, rich in calcium and low in saturated fats, a healthy alternative to customising any drink.
    • Oat joins the wide variety of options that Starbucks makes available to customers and which is among the largest in the market.


    Madrid April 18, 2017. Starbucks, offer its customers the largest number of choices to customize its drinks, has incorporated into its product portfolio the 100% vegetable oat drink, a healthy complement that from now on can be ordered by those who prefer a non-diary option.

    It is ecological, low in saturated fats and rich in calcium. Characterised by its creamy texture and smooth and delicious flavour; attributes that make it an ideal alternative to cow's milk for enjoying any artisanal Starbucks drink.

    The new oat drink is 100% vegetable. Thanks to its slow release carbohydrate content, it prolongs body energy. It is also rich in fibre, making it ideal for keeping in check your cholesterol.

    With the aim of making it possible for each customer to enjoy their favourite to their liking, the new oat drink incorporates into Starbucks' current drink and milk offers, consisting of whole milk, semi-skimmed, skimmed, lactose-free and Soybean, which is one of the most extensive of the sector in our country. A new proposal to once again surprise those passionate for the best coffee as well as incorporating more options to the current 86,000 that Starbucks provides its drinks to make each cup a unique experience.


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