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Starbucks inaugurates its first store in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • The all-new Starbucks store, which is in the El Corte Inglés department store in the capital of Tenerife, occupies an indoor surface area of 143 m2 and has created 14 jobs.
  • The design of the first Starbucks in the capital of Tenerife is inspired by the brand’s values to create a cozy place that seeks to connect with the island identity.
Tenerife, 10th October, 2017.


Starbucks, the leading coffee roaster and distributor in the world, opened its first store today in the capital of Tenerife. After landing for the first time on the island last month in the south (Siam Mall and Parque Santiago 6), it has not arrived in El Corte Inglés Santa Cruz de Tenerife, at Avda. Tres de Mayo, 7. The inauguration was attended by José Manuel Bermúdez, Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Alfonso Cabello, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Councilman of Economic Promotion, Employment, Tourism and Commerce; Alberto Bernabé, Cabildo de Tenerife Regional Minister of Tourism, Internationalization and External Affairs; Felipe De Luz, Director of Operations at Amura Food; José Luis Gómez, Starbucks Licensing Manager; Álvaro Rojas, Director of El Corte Inglés Tenerife and Manuel Marrero, Director of Regional External Relations for El Corte Inglés, among other authorities.

This opening is the result of a collaboration agreement signed between Grupo Vips and Amura Food S.L., the leading Canary Island restaurant company, which already manages several Grupo Vips flagships on the Iberian Peninsula. Based on this agreement, Amura Food has become the exclusive partner to develop the Starbucks brand on the islands with Grupo Vips holding the exclusive license for Spain and Portugal.

The opening of this store is part of the expansion plan aimed at the brand strengthening its presence on the Canary Islands. To this end, the Canary Island archipelago is a key region both because of its potential as a local market as well as its status as a tourist enclave for thousands of people each year. 


Inspired by the brand’s values to connect with Tenerife culture

The all-new Starbucks at El Corte Inglés Tenerife occupies a surface area of more than 140 m2 and is situated in a privileged location within the department store. The coffee store is near the entrance, which gives it great visibility. Simplicity is the key with this space, which was divided into two clearly different zones: the counter and the seating (22). 

The outside features metal paneling, which brings sobriety, far from the traditional fluorescent light and material department store look. The inside also maintains this appearance. Thus, the counter area is made of warm wood, which makes the area cozy and invites customers to stay longer. In addition, a set of warm lights was chosen for the seating area to reinforce the feel of comfort that is so typical of Starbucks.

Terrazo tile flooring was chosen throughout. This choice has a dual objective: on the one hand, to connect with the island identity and, on the other, to break with the uniformity of the wood to give a fresh touch to the premises.  

Since it is the first store to be opened in the capital city of Tenerife, the decoration was put carefully together. The idea was to find decorative elements that would faithfully represent Starbucks values. For this reason, a large work of art on canvas showing Pike Place (the first Starbucks store in Seattle) was installed to connect with the brand’s very origins.


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