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Starbucks continues to be committed to Malaga and opens a new store in the downtown area

    Marbella, 25th May, 2016.


    Madrid, May 25, 2016.- Following 3 openings in the last 2 years in conjunction with El Corte Inglés (Malaga, Puerto Banus and El Capricho), Starbucks continues to be committed to Malaga and the surrounding province by opening a new store today, May 25th, in the capital city's downtown area.

    The new Starbucks, located in Plaza Félix Sáenz, occupies 102 m2 on the ground floor and 106 on the second floor of the building in addition to an outdoor terrace. The store will have a staff of 25 employees, 17 of whom are new hires.

    As far as the decoration, it has all been inspired by the concept of Malaga as a sunny place where people go to have fun. A colorful mermaid can be seen in a work of art presiding one of the main walls of the store, reflecting the happiness that reigns in the city. The texture of the walls, in combination with the solid break pillars next to the windows, creates a cozy atmosphere in the seating area.

    With this new opening, Starbucks now has a total of 8 internally owned stores -4 in downtown Seville, 1 at El Corte Inglés in Malaga and 2 in Marbella- in addition to the 2 stores operated under licensing agreements at the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport.

    To celebrate this very special occasion, a large tree imitating the original coffee tree nearly 3 meters high will be found throughout the day next to the store for the enjoyment of all those who pass by. 

    In view of the new opening, Álvaro Salafranca, CEO of Starbucks Spain and Portugal, stated that “as we already announced a few months back, Malaga has always been a key province for Starbucks and where we have been exceptionally well-received. For this reason, we just knew we would be coming back soon to inaugurate a new store. Now, with this new store downtown, we can be even closer to our Marbella customers to offer them the best cup of coffee and our best experience". 

    The people of Malaga and anyone visiting the city can enjoy the complete and unique Starbucks experience in a new store: sofas, relaxing music, customized beverages, the smell of recently-ground coffee and free Wi-Fi.

    Present in the Spanish market for 12 years, Starbucks has been able to adapt its offering to the preferences in each location where it operates by introducing, for example, coffee with milk and breakfast offers like toast with tomato and ham and olive oil rolls which customers may also enjoy at this new store in Malaga.

    And, of course, they may delight in all of the essence of Starbucks with a Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk to create the best cream, an exclusive Caramel Macchiato or a Mocca for those who like something sweeter. Beverages at Starbucks may be customized to the extent of offering 86,000 different ones by choosing from a variety of types of milk, syrup and even the type of coffee for a beverage, always in a cozy atmosphere where you can get together with friends, eat or work in a relaxed environment.  


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