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Starbucks comes to Palma Beach

    Palma de Mallorca, 6th June, 2017.


    • It’s the first Starbucks in the country to be right on the beach and it will be located on Palma Beach (Sometimes) at Carretera Arenal, no. 18.
    • The opening of this store created 14 jobs and its inauguration featured the presence of Mr. José Hila, Mayor of the City of Palma.
    • This Starbucks has an innovative design and introduces a different kind of store concept as it offers the possibility of enjoy the best coffee while taking in the Mediterranean from the 108 m2 terrace. 

    Palma de Mallorca; June 6, 2017. Following its recent opening at Plaça de Cort, no. 14, Starbucks, the leading coffee roaster in the world, is opening a new location right on Palma Beach (Sometimes), specifically in the Sometimes area at Carretera Arenal, nº. 18. This new opening is part of the agreement between Starbucks España S.L. and the Majorcan company Enjoy International S.L., the brand’s local partner with exclusive operation rights for the island of Palma de Mallorca.

    The inauguration featured the presence of the Honorable Mr. José Hila, the Mayor of the City of Palma, who participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Álvaro Salafranca, Managing Director of Starbucks Spain, and Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Enjoy International S.L.

    The opening of this new Starbucks store reinforces the brand’s presence on the island of Palma de Mallorca, which is a key region because of its status as a tourism hotspot.

    “Continuing our growth on Majorca is great news and the opening of a store right on Palma Beach is a milestone for us. Starbucks Sometimes was designed so our customer can enjoy the best coffee while relaxing and taking in the perfect panoramic view of the Mediterranean,” explained Álvaro Salafranca, Managing Director of Starbucks Spain.  

    “We’re pleased to connect the Starbucks experience with the sea, one of the most representative elements of our city. We’re sure this new store will be highly successful among both local fans of the brand and the thousands of tourists who visit our beaches each year”, added Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Enjoy International S.L.


    Enjoy the best coffee with views of the Mediterranean

    Palma Beach is one of the areas of the island of Palma de Mallorca with the most beach kilometers. This, along with its proximity to the city of Palma, make it a privileged enclave to enjoy a day of sun at the sea.  For this reason, the new Starbucks store was planned with a precious 108 m2 terrace with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The store design includes the concepts of nature, sun, rest and fun that represent the city of Palma and uses them to create the “third place” experience that Starbucks offers at all of its locations. To reinforce this experience, a central bench was installed as an anchoring point which connects all of the other store areas together. Lounge type seats were arranged around it where customer may relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    To connect the indoor area with the terrace, the choice was made to install a semi-transparent screen to be able to view the terrace from the inside. Moreover, the terrace features a wooden pergola to protect customers from the intensity of the sun during peak hours of the day.

    Finally, very colorful items were used for the decor to connect the origins of coffee to the concepts that have inspired the store design.  


    14 baristas offering the best personal coffee experiences

    In order to offer customers the best service, the all-new Starbucks on Palma Beach (Sometimes) employs its now-famous baristas (coffee experts), who are trained to prepare up to 86,000 different and personalized combinations of beverages to order and in an artisan way.  Customers may choose everything from the type of coffee to the type of milk and syrups and enjoy the taste of Starbucks’ delicious beverages such as their famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk to create the best cream.

    Moreover, guests at the Starbucks on Palma Beach may try the brand’s new products based on the cold coffee trend, Cold Brew, which is obtained by infusing 100% Arabica coffee with water at room temperature for 20 hours, and Cappuccino Freddo, the cold version of the genuine Starbucks cappuccino. These two new beverages, which are quite the craze all over the world, help the brand ring in the arrival of summer in our country.


    About Starbucks

    Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working with ethical raw material suppliers and the production of the best Arabica coffee in the world since its foundation in 1971. Nowadays, with stores all over the planet, the company is the leading coffee roaster and distributor in the world. Thanks to its commitment to excellence, Starbucks Coffee Company offers a gratifying experience which enriches people's lives from cup to cup. To become a part of this experience, visit


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