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Starbucks comes to Oporto

  • The group is announcing the opening of 4 new locations in Portugal.
Oporto, 8th November, 2017.

 With its entry in the Portuguese market in 2008 and 11 stores now open - 9 internally owned and 2 franchises at the Lisbon airport arrivals terminal and departures terminal-, Starbucks is announcing the opening of 2 new locations in Oporto sometime before the end of the year.

The brand will finally have a location in the second largest city in Portugal, right in the heart of the historic downtown and in one of the districts declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides this store, which brought the group to the city, Starbucks will be inaugurating another in the Porto Gran Plaza shopping mall. These 2 new stores in the north of the country are set to create 38 new jobs.

Starbucks will also open 2 new stores in Algarve, one at Mar Shopping Algarve (Loulé) and another at Fórum Algarve (Faro), which will employ 35 people.  This project is currently in the personnel hiring phase, both for the opening of the two stores in Oporto as well as those in Algarve.