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Starbucks arrives in Puerto de la Cruz

  • It’s opening in the emblematic “Casa Miranda” follows reforms seeking to pay homage to the building’s history and aimed at making all visitors feel at home enjoying a cup of the best coffee.
  • The project recovered the original state of the Scots pine woodwork, the original white color of the building and the detailing in the volcanic stone floors, among other elements. The furnishings and lighting were also custom-designed to emphasize the architecture of the premises.
  • The Puerto de Cruz Starbucks store employs 20 baristas (coffee experts), trained to prepare more than 86,000 different personalized options with the brand’s various coffees, all 100% Arabica of ethical origin.
Puerto de la Cruz, 27th February, 2018.


 Starbucks is opening its doors today for the first time in Puerto de la Cruz in a very special enclave: Casa Miranda. A store designed down to the very last detail by a multidisciplinary team to pay homage to the uniqueness of this iconic 18th century building and add its history to that of the famous coffee brand.

The new 614 m2 store features two stories, an indoor lounge terrace and 2 outdoor terraces, offering more than 94 seats inside and 52 outside in the various areas. It was exclusively designed based on the brand’s values of sustainability, refuge, intimacy, community and heritage to create a unique place inspired by respect for the enclave’s culture and tradition, the architectural sincerity of the premises and the essence of the historical building housing it.

This opening is the result of a collaboration agreement signed last year between Grupo Vips, the Starbucks licensee for Spain and Portugal, and Amura Food S.L., the leading Canary Island restaurant company and the exclusive partner for Grupo Vips development on the islands. With this new store in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife now has four Starbucks.  It’s the sixth on the Canary Islands.

Those who visit the Starbucks store in Puerto de la Cruz may at this unique enclave begin enjoying today the more than 86,000 combinations of different and personalized beverages offered by the brand such as its famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica espresso of ethical origin and perfectly steamed milk creating a unique cream. And it’s all thanks to the team of 20 baristas at the all-new Starbucks store in this city.

The essence and inspiration behind the Starbucks Casa Miranda

A meticulous study was done for the Starbucks Casa Miranda project to restore the building by rigorously recovering the application of past construction techniques. A historical study of the building in coordination with the pertinent institutions (the Island Regional Ministry of Youth, Equality and Historical Heritage of Tenerife, the Honorable City of Puerto de la Cruz and the Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands) was carried out to produce the store project which recovers and emphasizes some of the most authentic details of the premises such as the original white color of the whitewashed walls, the original state of the precious Scots pine woodwork on the windows, shutters and balconies, the detailing in the local volcanic stone floors on the ground floor and the natural wood flooring on the first story in addition to the delicate coffered wood ceilings.

Moreover, the house’s distribution was observed with the recovery of original period elements in the building construction. Walls requiring restoration were paneled with lime mortar as was done in the past. The skylight was also raised to once again allow the cross-ventilation that was so typical in these types of homes.

Noble and modern sustainable materials were used to design the store and furnishings to avoid historical fakes.  The new elements were incorporated in a respectful way to perfectly combine with the vernacular architecture.  Particularly important is the imposing presence of the bar counter, which is comprised of a local volcanic stone slab that rests on a block of cast-in-situ concrete.

The lighting was also handled with great delicacy to indirectly emphasize the very architecture of the building without creating any light pollution. The indoor lighting was also designed to create intimate atmospheres in the rooms under the coffered wood ceilings that seem to emerge out of the stucco walls to provide a warm, country feeling.

The location was completed with artwork specifically designed for these premises that tell the history of the origins of its coffee: the beautiful landscapes, the plantations and the farmers. It’s the place where Starbucks coffee began its journey towards mooring in Puerto de la Cruz.