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Starbucks arrives at Plaza de la Merced

  • It is the third Starbucks store to open in the city of Malaga and its opening has created 15 jobs.
  • The new store is located in the same square where painter Pablo Picasso was born and it features a 70 m2 terrace.
Málaga, 7th August, 2017.

Starbucks, the leading coffee roaster in the world, opened its third location in the city of Malaga, specifically at Plaza de la Merced no. 17. With this opening, the brand is reinforcing its presence in the capital city where it already had one store at the El Corte Inglés department store at Calle Hilera and another at Calle de Félix Sáenz. In addition to these three stores, there are two Starbucks in the town of Marbella (Puerto Banús and El Capricho) as well as one in Mijas. In all, the brand has six locations in the province of Malaga.


Inspired by the spirt of Picasso

This all-new Starbucks is located in Plaza de la Merced square in the same building where painter Pablo Picasso was born and lived until the age of 12. This square is one of the most visited places in Malaga’s historic downtown. Street-side, the store will have a 70m2 terrace to enjoy the square’s nineteenth-century style. 

On the inside, the store has 90m2 of floor space and 23 seats. In line with Picasso’s style, the design emphasizes shapes and volume to help create the different areas. Reinforcing this play of contrasts is the warmth of the wooden furniture in combination with the exposed brick walls. This unveils the beauty of the historic building housing this Starbucks.

And, of course, there is a work of art presiding over it all. Made directly on wood, the rough lines evoke different coffee-related experiences. Plus, there are various posters next to this painting and around the store to help bring coffee culture closer to our customers by explaining the coffee process. 

The interior decoration is completed with a series of bookshelves holding books on the Malaga-born painter’s artistic style. This way, customers can become fully imbued with this distinguished artist’s spirit.


Discover the new Starbucks products for this summer

At the Plaza de la Merced store, customers may try the brand’s all-new options for this summer which include Frappuccino® Caramel Popcorn, an original blend resulting from the innovation and search for new flavors Starbucks has always been known for. This original beverage contains delicious bits of crunchy popcorn combined with the iconic Frappuccino® blend of ice and milk covered in whipped cream.  As a final touch, caramel syrup is added with a few more bits of sweet popcorn on top.

Plus, people at the Plaza de la Merced Starbucks may also try the brand’s new products based on the cold-coffee trend: Cold Brew, which is obtained by infusing 100% Arabica coffee with water at room temperature for 20 hours, and Cappuccino Freddo, the cold version of the genuine Starbucks cappuccino. These two new beverages, which are proving to be quite the craze all over the world, allow guests to enjoy the best coffee in a refreshing way.

For tea enthusiasts, Starbucks has presented Iced Mango Black Tea Lemonade, the all-new flavor in the Teavana™ Shaken Iced line which combines Starbucks ice tea with black tea and a delicious mango and lemonade syrup. The Teavana™ Shaken Iced line is completed with the flavors Peach Green Tea Lemonade (81 calories) and Blackberry Mojito Green Tea Lemonade (alcohol-free, 85 calories).

There’s no doubt all of these options will give Malaga customers the possibility of enjoying all the art found at Plaza de la Merced in a different kind of way.


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