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Room Mate expands its alliance with Starbucks by opening a second joint location in Barcelona

  • Starbucks and Room Mate Hotels have inaugurated their first joint location at the Room Mate Anna Hotel in Barcelona. This is the second location for this alliance, following the opening of the first at Room Mate Oscar in Madrid.
  • The store is on the ground floor of the hotel, where guests of Kike Sarasola’s chain have direct access in addition to the street-side entrance.
  • The Room Mate Anna Starbucks features an exquisite decoration inspired by the myth behind the mermaid, the symbol of the international company Starbucks.
Madrid, 27th March, 2018.

 The international hotel chain owned by Kike Sarasola is moving forward with its agreement with the world’s leading coffee roaster by recently opening a new location inside the Room Mate Anna hotel at Carre d´Aragó 271 in Barcelona.

This opening expands the alliance between the two brands following the Starbucks store in Madrid at the Room Mate Oscar hotel in that city’s downtown area right in the emblematic Plaza Pedro Zerolo square, which was inaugurated at the end of last year.

Customers at the Room Mate Anna Starbucks may enjoy the “Starbucks experience” which has already conquered the hearts of millions of customers and fans of all ages. The atmosphere is comfortable, cozy and relaxed with different areas for all different moments, Wi-Fi and carefully selected music which is updated each month. It’s a place to peacefully enjoy the brand’s 100% Arabica coffee and more than 86,000 different customizable beverage combinations.

The myth behind the mermaid is the main theme at the Room Mate Anna Starbucks

The Starbucks stores at both hotels are specifically designed for each of the locations and feature two entrances: one from the street for the general public and another that connects directly to the inside of the Room Mate hotels.

Room Mate Anna is one of the Sarasola chain’s emblem hotels with an unbeatable location and avant-garde design featuring geometric patterns in the architecture. To blend in with this look, the design for the new Starbucks store moves away from a Baroque atmosphere by seeking balance between its image and that of the boutique hotel chain.

The counter, which is made of beautiful marble stone featuring LED lights, is the focal point. As far as the store decor, the waves painted on the walls at the entrance are combined with a metal structure that reaches the roof simulating the black scales on the mermaid’s tail. This makes a direct connection to the myth that inspired the Starbucks logo.

“This collaboration with Starbucks is proving to be quite the success. We’re very pleased to be opening this second location in Barcelona. Both brands share the same goal: to make our customers happy,” said Kike Sarasola, Chairman and founder of Room Mate Hotels.

“Starbucks and Room Mate share a passion for offering unique and quality experiences for each of our guests. And this is why our alliance is so natural and we are proud to once again join efforts, now in Barcelona,” indicated Álvaro Salafranca, CEO of Starbucks Spain.