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The perfect gifts for this Christmas at VIPS Shops

    Madrid, 15th November, 2016.


    Madrid; November 15, 2016. – Christmas is just around the corner and time is running out to buy gifts for your loved ones. Once again this year, Vips Shops have gotten ready for the occasion and are offering gifts for all tastes and personalities as well as exclusive decorations so the magic and spirit of Christmas will invade all the corners of your house.

    Technology to be on the cutting edge

    The latest in urban mobility. Cityboard offers various solutions for travel within the city. Their products go beyond electrical scooters; they’re the most convenient, quick and environmentally-friendly way to get around. As their ambassador, Rafael Amargo didn’t think twice about including this perfect mobility solution in a play.

    Straight from the future, the Intelligent Humanoid Robot has arrived at the VIPS Shop for some family fun. It walks standing up just like a human, is capable of singing, dancing, practicing Kung Fu, playing soccer and can even tell stories. Control it from your smartphone and enjoy its entertaining company with the whole family.

    And if you’re looking to design the robot you’ve always dreamed of, Jimu is what you’ve been looking for: An interactive construction block kit to create your own robot and program its movements through an App.


    Christmas decorations to make your home a magical place

    To create an atmosphere of expectation and excitement none of your loved ones will easily forget, get this fun bag from your nearest VIPS Shop. It’s great for filling with packages that can’t be opened until the day comes.

    If you’re one of those who never misses a single detail and wishes to relive the tenderness and feelings that abound at this time of year once again, don’t miss the Magical Christmas Tree.  It’s the perfect size to decorate any little corner. Follow the instructions, water it and... watch it grow!

    Get your sofa ready! Vips Shop has also brought a collection of cushions carefully designed for Christmas. Break away from tradition and those overused household prints and give your home the decoration it deserves.

    All of this accompanied by the most elegant side of Christmas with a Pine Candle in gold, silver or white.  It’s your choice.  Why not buy all of them?

    For those with a sweet tooth, the Woncandy balls are a safe bet. You can hang these decorative balls in your Christmas tree.  Will they still be full on the 25th?


    For the most gourmet of palates

    Once your house is decked all out to celebrate the Holidays, it’s time to treat yourself to the best gourmet products. This year, VIPS Shop is bringing one of the best panettone in the world to Spain - the famous panettone from the Scarpato pastry shop which has been artisan made with unique mastery since 1888.

    Family fun tasting the best Spanish wines

    What better game for some fun at family gatherings than Ludicwine, a fun way to test your wine knowledge. Exclusively sold at different VIPS Shops in Madrid, it allows you to discover and experience this culture first hand by challenging family members, friends and wine enthusiasts to compete to see just who the best wine expert really is.


    About VIPS Shops

    The VIPS Shop is the place to find trendy products and the most novel and original gifts within extended business hours 365 days a year. With more than 45 years of experience, they are found at 25 VIPS cafeteria-restaurants in Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville, and offer a careful selection of books and films, gourmet products, fashion accessories, children's items and technological devices.

    The VIPS Shop also offers a special order book service and home delivery for purchases of more than 50 euros. VIPS Shop customers can take advantage of the benefits and special promotions available through the Club VIPS App, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android devices.