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The innovative cold coffee proposals from Starbucks, Cappuccino Freddo and Cold Brew, anticipate the arrival of summer

    Madrid, 22nd May, 2017.

    Spring is coming to an end and every day that passes we feel closer to the change of season. Thus, as the heat of the sun increases, we allow our minds to wander and dream of the new experiences that await us this summer.

    To connect with all these sensations, Starbucks offers two proposals based on the concept of iced coffee, a new trend that is causing a worldwide sensation, which allows the brand to anticipate the coming summer in our country.

    Starbucks' innovative cold cappuccino, Freddo, reaches Spain,

    To welcome the summer in the best possible way, Starbucks offers Spain Cappuccino Freddo, the famed iced version of Cappuccino. To make it, we pour the authentic Starbucks espresso on ice and cover with a thin layer of sugar. The result is topped with another layer of cold skimmed milk foam, obtained from the company's innovative process.

    Introduced for the first time in Greece, Freddo Cappuccino has quickly become one of the favorite choices for customers and baristas worldwide. This new Starbucks offer is ideal for all those who want to savor a delicious creamy cold coffee while enjoying the long drawn sunny afternoons that herald the coming summer. 

    RRP: € 3.60 Tall size


    Cold-Brew, tradition and innovation to combat high temperatures

    Starbucks has always characterized itself  for merging the coffee experience and innovation to offer its customers the latest trends. Cold-Brew Is the best example of this philosophy. And the fact is that this new proposal of the brand to combat high temperatures transcends the concept of iced coffee that Spain has had up to now.

    Cold-Brew is obtained from the infusion of 100% Arabica coffee in water at room temperature for 20 hours. The coffee bean used for processing is the result of a blend from the best crops Starbucks has in Africa and Latin America. The grains of African origin provide a touch of citrus flavor, while Latin Americans add a sweet touch with notes of chocolate. 

    The result of its artisanal processing is a coffee with body, aroma, full of nuances and moderate acidity that retain all its original properties. Undoubtedly, Cold-Brew is the best choice for those who want to enjoy the best iced coffee without giving up its full flavor.

    Besides, a variant of Cold-Brew is also offered for customers with a sweet tooth. Vanilla Sweet Cold-Brew follows the same artisan process for its production although topped with a layer of sweet vanilla cream before serving.

    RRP: € 3.60 Tall size


    About Starbucks

    Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to working with ethical raw material suppliers and the production of the best Arabica coffee in the world since its foundation in 1971. Nowadays, with stores all over the planet, the company is the leading coffee roaster and distributor in the world. Thanks to its commitment to excellence, Starbucks Coffee Company offers a gratifying experience which enriches people's lives from cup to cup. To become a part of this experience, visit

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