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Hundreds of Cordoba residents have already enjoyed the city’s new Starbucks

  • In just three hours, more than 500 locals came to the new store which opened its doors to the public today.
  • To celebrate its arrival in Cordoba, Starbucks has paid homage to the city with a special action inspired by the Courtyards Festival.
  • The all-new Plaza de las Tendillas store has a team of 13 baristas trained to prepare more than 86,000 different varieties of beverages.
Córdoba, 6th March, 2018.

Starbucks, the leading coffee distributor and roaster in the world, has come to Cordoba for the first time with today’s opening of its first store in the city, located in Plaza de las Tendillas. In just three hours, more than 500 Cordoba residents came to the store this morning to enjoy its more than 86,000 different and personalized combinations of beverages for which customers may choose everything from the type of coffee to the type of milk and syrups and enjoy the taste of the brand’s delicious beverages such as its famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk to create the best cream.

“We’re very pleased with how we’ve been received. It’s been a morning of great excitement with our arrival in the neighborhood and the possibility of sharing our passion for coffee and our baristas’ knowledge and dedication with the locals,” said Álvaro Salafranca, CEO of Starbucks in Spain and Portugal.

Starbucks celebrates the Courtyard Festival early

In honor of its arrival in Cordoba, Starbucks has celebrated Courtyards Festival at its Plaza de las Tendillas store early. To do so, the brand relied on collaboration from Rafael Barón Jiménez, an artisan gilder and florist as well as the owner of the courtyard at calle Pastora 2, who has won first prize in the municipal courtyards competition four times.

Barón Jiménez prepared an exclusive series of flower pot mugs which Starbucks gave out at Plaza de las Tendillas for the opening, containing a selection of geranium seeds that were specially chosen so they would be blooming and radiant upon the arrival of the courtyards festival.

The brand is growing in Spain with a commitment to Andalusia

The opening of this store is part of the brand’s commitment to Andalusia where it already has 13 stores (this first one in Cordoba, 4 in Seville and 8 in Malaga) and where it plans to reach new cities this year. This expansion will continue this year at a good pace in Spain where the brand plans to open some twenty new stores within the next few months.