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Grupo Vips will implement a pioneer mobile POS innovation with support from Mastercard

  • The all-new mobile POS solution, which is pioneer in Spain, will streamline card payments at tables to improve the customer experience.
  • This innovation will reach the nearly 400 VIPS, VIPS Smart, Ginos, Starbucks, Fridays and wagamama locations in Spain and Portugal.
Madrid, 24th January, 2018.

Mastercard and Grupo VIPS have closed a deal to take an innovative mobile POS payment project, which is pioneer in Spain, to the food service group’s restaurants. With this innovation driven by Mastercard, payments may be processed via mobile POS terminals employees always have with them. Thus, the payment process can be faster with reduced waiting times and providing guests a better user experience.

It will be implemented in the nearly 400 Grupo Vips VIPS, VIPS Smart, Ginos, Starbucks, Fridays and wagamama brand locations in Spain and Portugal.

According to Alberto López, Director of Digital Payments at Mastercard Spain: with this agreement, Mastercard and Grupo Vips are encouraging the acceptance of electronic payments via an innovative solution which makes paying by card an easier and faster process to create a new standard in the food service industry. We’re convinced of the benefits this measure will offer Grupo Vips and trust that more and more businesses will commit to systems like this in the future with Mastercard willing to assist them in the process.

For Alejandro Salazar, Director of Payment Methods at Grupo VIPS, the agreement between the two companies is about reinforcing the restaurant group’s ongoing commitment to technology solutions that help improve its customers’ experience. “The implementation of this all-new solution will again make us innovation leaders in our sector,” he said.