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Grupo Vips and Fundación Exit combat unemployment

  • The "At the Starting Line" project was developed at Starbucks, a brand managed in Spain by Grupo Vips, whichcombines social mentoring of volunteers with customized training for young people.
  • The program is part of the "Road to work" plan of Grupo Vips and the "Project Yob" of the Fundación Exit.
  • The "Project Yob" of the Fundación Exit has been carrying out customized training since 2009, in which more than 950 young people have participated and thanks to which there have been more than 350 incorporations.
  • The Grupo Vips "Road to work" program for improving the employability of young people in vulnerable situations trained last year 447 young people and hired 393 people at risk of exclusion.
Madrid, 13th July, 2017.

Fundación Exit, an NGO whose mission is to integrate young people at risk of social exclusion, and Grupo Vips, one of the multi-brand and multi-format groups, which are leaders in the catering sector of Spain; have launched the "At the Starting Line" project to improve employability and training of young people in vulnerable situations.

"At the starting line" has been launched by the Starbucks brand, which Grupo Vips manages. It has a duration of ten weeks, which combines a customized training plan and social mentoring provided by its brand volunteers. A total of 15 young people participated in the program, with 26 volunteers from Starbucks who spent nearly 400 hours on the project.

In the plan, a “mentor” accompanied each one of these young people and personally guidedthem throughout the entire company insertion and informed them about the brand and the job, which they selected, with the idea of joining the company at the end of the project, as well as improving them with conditions for future opportunities.

According to Saul, a 21-year-old participant of the project: "I learned during the project how to know myself, the appropriate skills to do the work and what I needed, the abilities and attitudes required to develop and that as the foundation's training and practice sessions continue, you realize what is necessary? "

His mentor, Paula Andrea, Starbucks Store Manager, highlights: "I am very proud to have participated in this program and mentored Saul. It has been an enriching and motivating experience, in which we were both committed, and which has allowed us to grow and reach that point where we know what want to be in our life".

 "At the starting line" involves the first part that consists of theoretical training in competencies and personal brand, followed by guided practice sessions at the stores. The project ends with a joint evaluation by Exit and Grupo Vips, which considers values such as commitment, adaptability, emotion management, candidate guidance regarding customers and their aptitude for incorporation into the company.

"Our role is to provide these young people with the tools to grow, to demonstrate that they have talent, and a great deal," Says María Calvo, Grupo VIPs’ Director of Talent Management and Corporate Responsibility.

Jose Alonso, head of the Fundación Exit’s Proyecto Yob, points out that, "Starbucks, through its mentors, makes a commitment to the professional development of young people involved in the project and, in addition to providing a job opportunity, it offers professional and vital experiences."


A full program against youth unemployment

"At the start line" is part of the "Proyecto Yob" for the incorporation of young people into the Fundación Exit’s labor market, which is the first step of the Grupo Vips’ "Road to Work" program to enhance the employability of people in vulnerable situations.

The Proyecto Yob seeks to deal with the harsh social reality marked by a youth unemployment rate of 59% among young people aged 16 to 19 and 40% between the ages of 20 and 14 (INE 2016T4). Specifically, this project focuses on participants between 18 and 24 years of age resulting from different social and educational entities, which have dropped out of school. As such, there are socially responsible companies that are willing to involve their company staff in a solidarity action as tutors and mentors of these young people for the duration of the program, as well as to encourage the hiring of young customized-trained workers. 945 young people in vulnerable situations have already participated in the Customized Training Program of the Proyecto Yob since its creation.

The "Road to work" program of Grupo Vips seeks to offer real opportunities for labor insertion to risk groups with very different profiles, whose common point is the vulnerable situation at the time of incorporation into the program. During 2016, 447 young people have participated in this project, all of them coming from different social entities and different realities, and 393 thereof have joined the company team.


About the Exit Foundation:

The Fundación Exit is a non-profit organization that has been working for 15 years opening doors for the future for young people through innovative training projects.

It networks with socially responsible companies and social and educational entities. The companies collaborate and are involved in projects, social entities, and institutes dedicated to the young. The Fundación Exit is a bridge between both the business world and the social world.

To do so, it carries out three projects, each located at a different stage of an incorporation program for young persons at risk of exclusion: Proyecto Coach (guidance and motivation of young persons), Proyecto eDuo (Specialization of the young person) and Proyecto Yob (Active job search and incorporation of young persons).


About Grupo Vips:

Grupo Vips is one of the leading multi-brand and multiformat groups in the catering and trade sector of Spain. Which integrates restaurants, cafes, and shops. The company runs a total of six recognized chains: Vips (cafeteria-restaurant and shop), Vips Smart, Ginos, Fridays, Wagamama and Starbucks Coffee in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Additionally, the company has a premium factory of sandwiches, salads, and takeaways, BSF.

The company has more than 350 establishments that serve more than 120,000 customers daily. It has a pioneering and leading restaurant program, Club VIPS, with more than 1,000,000 members in Spain and whose App, is unique in the market, which was launched at the end of April 2015. It already boasts more than 700,000 downloads.

Vips Group is a private equity company founded in 1969. The Grupo Vips shareholdings are 70% owned by most of the shareholders and founders, led by the Arango family and 30% by the ProA Capital fund. Grupo Vips employs more than 9,000 people and closed the 2016 financial year with a turnover of 396.2 million Euros.


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