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The Golden Twenties have inspired the all-new Starbucks at Warner Bros. Park in Madrid

  • Located on Hollywood Boulevard, the most glamourous area of Warner Bros. Park, the Starbucks store features a design inspired by the purest 1920’s Hollywood style.
  • The all-new Starbucks will offer the authentic “Starbucks experience”: a comfortable, cozy and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy more than 86,000 different beverage combinations made in an artisan way by its baristas with the best 100% Arabica coffee.
Madrid, 19th December, 2017.

Visitors to Warner Bros. Park in Madrid can now enjoy their own Starbucks moment to complete a perfect day at one of the most state-of-the-art theme parks in all of Europe. The new Starbucks store at Warner Bros. Park recreates the brand’s original atmosphere so visitors may enjoy the real “Starbucks experience”: the ideal place to stop and take a break from a busy day to enjoy the best Arabica coffee. 


The all-new Starbucks store is inspired by the building housing it, with the glamorous style of the 1920s, the golden era of art deco and the marquee. The nearly 300 square meters are divided into different areas that look like the stage of the old Hollywood movies from the Golden Twenties. There, visitors can enjoy the best coffee in the most authentic Great Gatsby style with music specially selected for the occasion, which is updated every month, and of course Wi-Fi.

12 baristas de help guests discover the coffee trends this Christmas

In order to offer guests the best service, the Starbucks at the Warner Bros. Park relies on 12 of its now-famous baristas (coffee experts), who are trained to prepare up to 86,000 different and personalized combinations of different beverages to order in an artisan way.  Customers may choose everything from the type of coffee to the type of milk and syrups and enjoy the taste of the brand’s delicious beverages such as their famous Latte or Cappuccino made with the best 100% Arabica coffee and perfectly whipped milk to create the best cream. 

Since the premises are being inaugurated so close to Christmas, it will also offer the newest seasonal beverages in limit editions like Gingerbread Latte, Toffee Nut Latte and Fudge Hot Chocolate as well as the new Festive Cold brew, a new variant that completes the Cold Brew line and has become the best option for those who like to take care of their figures without giving up on the best flavors.