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Give Good with Starbucks this Christmas

  • Under the theme "Give Good", Starbucks encourages customers to acknowledge those who are dear to them this Christmas by writing their name in the heart of their glass.
  • Complementing this action, Starbucks Coffee Portugal collaborates with Casa da Alegria, which welcomes and accompanies PALOP patients who are in Portugal for medical treatment.
Madrid, 5th December, 2017.

The arrival of the Christmas cups to Starbucks stores is for many a sign that the most important time of the year has arrived. This year, as usual, the brand surprises its customers with a unique design, marked by hands that unite a heart in its themed glasses.

In addition to customers being able to dedicate their glass and drink to a very special person, they can help by contributing to the needy. The Casa da Alegria, an IPSS Porta do Mais project, aims to receive and help - from 2009, PALOP patients who are in Portugal for medical treatment, under the cooperation agreements signed between Portugal and their countries of origin.

For every 0.05 cents donated, Starbucks doubles this value, by also donating another 0.05 cents. With this campaign, the brand intends to support the IPSS Porta do Mais and one of its projects, at Casa da Alegria, which welcomes on average 15 sick and needy women and children.

Starbucks Coffee Portugal has been accompanying the IPSS Porta do Mais for several years over the last few years, not only by providing support to patients but by also carrying out works and improvements at Casa da Alegria.