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Ginos inaugurates its eleventh restaurant in Comunidad Valenciana

  • Ginos Heron Paterna is being opened as a repeat experience by a Grupo Vips franchisee who already manages a Vips Smart in Madrid.
  • The new location involved the creation of 23 jobs and features the brand’s new modern and cosmopolitan image.
  • Ginos is reinforcing its commitment to the region with an ambitious plan that includes new openings and reforms to reflect the brand’s new image.
Valencia, 3rd August, 2017.

Ginos, the Grupo Vips brand which specializes in Italian food, opened its first restaurant in the municipality of Paterna, Valencia, a strategic area for the brand which now has eleven restaurants in this region. The restaurant is located in the Heron City leisure and restaurant center.

This opening involved the creation of 23 jobs at a 280 m2 location which stands out due to the spectacular glass facade. The restaurant, which is located in the mall food court, offers natural light and has an outdoor terrace for 42 diners.

The first Ginos in Paterna is being opened as a repeat experience by a Grupo Vips franchisee who has already successfully been managing a Vips Smart in Loranca (Madrid) since 2014. With this opening, the Ginos brand now has a total of 107 restaurants in Spain (79 internally-owned and 28 franchises).

Following the inauguration in March of Ginos Pagoda and in June of Ginos Marqués del Turia, Ginos Heron Paterna is the third opening in the province of Valencia after the Grupo Vips renovation of its Ginos brand image. The new premises break with the traditional style of a classic trattoria and now show a much more modern and cosmopolitan image with a country-industrial design inspired by the trends seen in the most cutting-edge cities.

Grupo Vips, which already operates eleven of its Ginos brand locations in Comunidad Valencia, is thus reinforcing its commitment to the region with an ambitious plan that includes new openings and reforms of its premises to reflect the brand’s new image. “The Ginos renovations have been very well-received by our customers in Valencia, so we hope to finalize the overall transformation of all of our restaurants in the region this year,” said Alberto Chamorro, General Manager of Ginos. 


Top quality recipes and a cosmopolitan atmosphere

Ginos has arrived in Paterna with the brand’s all-new renovated image, which is known for an urban style that has very little to do with traditional trattoria decor. It’s a very cosmopolitan country-industrial design, inspired by the trends being seen in the most cutting-edge cities such as London and New York, which plays with a mix of materials, atmospheres and lights to create a modern and cozy setting.

The Ginos culinary offering is known for its authentic Italian recipes where artisan processes predominate the preparation of their dishes, made to order, in the open-view oven where they prepare pizzas, bread and focaccia.

Their dishes are made with top quality raw materials and ingredients, including references directly imported from Italy such as the dry and fresh pasta from Puglia, arrototala (rolled) pancetta bacon and the Pecorino, Parmiggiano, Emilia Romagna and 100% buffalo mozzarella cheeses from southern Italy used in some of its pizza and pasta recipes.

Plus, Ginos has a re-worked and award-winning gluten-free menu which includes versions of some of their most iconic dishes like their famous Cioccolatissimo, an offer that was recently recognized by the Spanish Federation of Coeliac Disease Associations (FACE) in the latest edition of their annual awards. 


All of the benefits of Club VIPS on your cell phone

Ginos Paterna customers can enjoy all of the opportunities for free offered to members of the emblematic Club VIPS, a pioneer and unique loyalty program in the sector, and the Club VIPS App such as EuroVIPS and special mobile offers, geolocation, a Wi-Fi button to surf the web for free at all Grupo Vips locations, the possibility of ordering from a cellphone and paying faster with just a click in addition to the Club VIPS coin purse so guests always have money available and can send money to others. 


Ginos Heron Paterna


Heron City Paterna

Pista de Ademuz, Salidas 6-7, Paterna, Valencia

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. / 8:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 1 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. / 8 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.


About Ginos

Ginos is a chain of restaurants that specializes in quality authentic Italian cuisine at a very affordable price. It is known for its warm, cozy and informal atmosphere. Created at the end of the 1980’s by Grupo Vips, it is currently present in 18 Spanish provinces. There are a total of 107 locations (79 internally-owned and 28 franchises), becoming the unquestionable leader in the sector. The Ginos restaurant menu offers a real trip through Italy. Its extensive and varied culinary offering is comprised of artisan dishes and original Italian recipes. Delicious antipasti, varied salads, abundant dishes of traditional pasta made with wheat flour, fresh pasta and stuffed pasta, made-to-order pizzas, savory risottos and generous meat and fish dishes as well as desserts like the classic Italian tiramisu and our delicious Ciocolattisimo. In addition, Ginos offers customers the possibility of designing their own custom-made pasta and pizza dishes so they can enjoy artisan Italian meals their own way. For a final touch on this 100% Italian experience, Ginos has a wine list comprised of classics straight from Italy such as Sangue di Giuda, I Muri and Lambrusco.


About Grupo Vips

Grupo Vips is one of the leading multi-brand and multi-format groups in the food service and retail sector in Spain. It includes restaurants, cafés and shops. The company manages a total of six well-known chains it either owns or operates under franchising agreements: Vips (cafeteria - restaurant and shop), Vips Smart, Ginos, Fridays and Starbucks Coffee in Spain, Portugal and Andorra with wagamama just joining them. Moreover, the group has a premium sandwich, salad and take-away product factory, BSF. The company manages a total of 370 locations serving more than 120,000 customers a day. It runs a pioneer and restaurant sector-leading loyalty program, Club VIPS, with more than 1,000,000 members throughout Spain.  The app, which is unique in the market and was launched at the end of April 2015, has already been downloaded more than 700,000 times. Grupo Vips is a private equity company which was founded in 1969. 70% of Grupo Vips shares are held by majority shareholders and founders, led by the Arango family, and 30% are held by the ProA Capital fund. Grupo Vips employs more than 9,200 people and ended fiscal year 2016 with 396.2 million euros in turnover.


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