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Ginos and VIPS Smart present at Sambil Outlet Madrid

  • The Ginos and VIPS Smart restaurants have opened in the largest outlet mall in Spain, which has just been inaugurated in Madrid.
  • The two brands have been opened by two franchisees who are repeating their experience with Grupo VIPS as they already manage another Ginos in Madrid
  • These two openings have created 30 new jobs.
Madrid, 24th March, 2017.

Grupo VIPS is present in the recently-inaugurated Sambil Outlet Madrid with two of its most iconic brands: Ginos and VIPS Smart. The all-new locations, which have created 30 new jobs (20 at Ginos and 10 at VIPS Smart) feature both brands’ all-new images, which are more modern and urban.

The Ginos, which specialized in Italian cuisine, and the VIPS Smart, which features the innovative restaurant concept created by Grupo VIPS offering the best of VIPS in a fast format, have opened in collaboration with the same franchisees. Eusebio Aguilera and Alberto Moyá are repeating their experiences with the company following the success they have seen managing another Ginos location the pair of franchisees operate in Madrid. “Working with Grupo VIPS, which has more than 45 years of experience in the restaurant sector, offers a very significant guarantee when deciding to open up your own business,” says Aguilera.

The Ginos restaurant features a surface area of 350 m2 with a capacity to host up to 145 diners, 40 in the dining room and 105 on the spectacular terrace. Meanwhile, the VIPS Smart has a surface area of 288 m2 with the capacity to host 123 customers (73 in the dining room and 50 on the terrace).  Moreover, both restaurants have a child play area which includes all-new interactive electronic games for the youngest to have fun while developing their skills.

With the new Ginos Sambil, the brand now has a total of 99 restaurants in Spain (75 internally owned and 24 franchises). As for VIPS Smart, the brand now has 21 restaurants in Spain (18 franchises and 3 internally owned) in addition to the 94 VIPS locations already in the country.

Ginos: top quality recipes and a cosmopolitan atmosphere

Ginos Sambil features the all-new Ginos image and culinary offering with a meticulous modern and urban atmosphere as well as all-new recipes made with quality ingredients imported directly from Italy. It is known for its authentic Italian recipes where artisan processes predominate the preparation of their dishes, made to order, with intense flavor thanks to the open-view oven.

Their dishes are made with top quality raw materials and ingredients, including references directly imported from Italy such as the dry and fresh pasta from Puglia, arrototala (rolled) pancetta bacon and the Pecorino, Parmiggiano, Emilia Romagna and 100% buffalo mozzarella cheeses from southern Italy used in some of its pizza and pasta recipes.

Plus, Ginos was recognized in 2016 as the best restaurant chain by FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliac Disease Associations), for their reworked gluten-free menu which includes versions of some of their most iconic dishes like their famous Cioccolatissimo.

VIPS Smart: the best of VIPS but in fast-food style

The VIPS Smart offering is based on a selection of the most successful VIPS restaurant dishes and includes a selection of salads, pizzas, appetizers, sandwiches, hamburgers, desserts, a kid's menu and gluten-free dishes. All of these dishes are made with the same quality, cooked to order and served with a careful presentation on real dishes with real silverware.

VIPS Smart also includes the "always full" option meaning customers can fill up on their soft drinks as often as they wish for free. Plus, VIPS Smart offers frozen yogurt for dessert which can be customized with a variety of toppings customers can choose from.

The VIPS Smart brand was recognized with the international "CIR Award" 2011 as the best innovative European restaurant concept of the year in the snacking category.

All of the benefits of Club VIPS on your cell phone

Ginos and VIPS Smart Sambil customers can enjoy all of the opportunities for free offered to members of the emblematic Club VIPS, a pioneer and unique loyalty program in the sector, and the Club VIPS App such as EuroVIPS and special mobile offers, geolocation, a Wi-Fi button to surf the web for free at all Grupo Vips locations, the possibility of ordering from a cellphone and paying faster with just a click in addition to the Club VIPS coin purse so guests always have money available and can send money to others.


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