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Frappula Frappuccino®, the most terrorifically delicious Starbucks beverage is here

  • Frappula Frappuccino® will be available in stores for a limited time from October 27th until November 2nd.
Madrid, 17th October, 2017.

Halloween is one of the most exciting dates on the calendar for Starbucks fans. And they know that at Starbucks, so once again this year, they’re offering Frappula Frappuccino®, a limited edition beverage which will only be available in stores from October 27th to November 2nd. As is traditional, the stores will also be decorated for the occasion.

Frappula Frappuccino® is a terrorifically delicious beverage that combines intense chocolate, milk, ice and strawberry syrup topped off with whipped cream. The vampire-like look will delight all those who love this holiday of Celtic origin.

Tall size price: €4.30


Halloween is also the ideal time to enjoy the most famous pumpkin beverage in the world, Pumpkin Spice Latte, also known as “PSL”, which is available at Starbucks only in the fall.  It’s a unique beverage with millions of fans throughout the world, made of 100% Arabica coffee with a delicate pumpkin flavor and topped off with whipped cream, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. And this year, the store is also offering its all-new Guatemala Huehuetenango, the new Starbucks origins coffee which combines perfectly with the most typical fall flavors.

Tall size price: €3.50


Guatemala Huehuetenango is a unique origins coffee type that has arrived at Starbucks for the first time ever.  Would you like to know how to prepare it?  And how to accompany it? If you’d like to meet our coffee experts and have them tell you all the secrets, just contact us.

Because each coffee at Starbucks is unique, the latest arrival is grown in the highest slopes of Sierra Madre in Huehuetenango and stands out due to the cocoa notes and nutty flavor with a special sweetness that makes it the perfect coffee for accompanying the season’s sweet and spicy foods and beverages. The medium body and intense roasting is maintained in each cup of coffee, either served black or with milk and sugar. It's no doubt a pleasure for the most demanding palates.

Retail price: €6.20


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