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The famous VIPS pancakes have arrived in Santiago de Compostela

  • VIPS Smart, located in the As Cancelas shopping mall, offers a selection of the most iconic dishes from the well-known brand VIPS in their “Smart” version; in other words, ordered and served at the counter yet with the same quality and presentation.
  • There’s a wide variety including trendy dishes like the veggie burger to the brand’s classics like their VIPS Club Sandwich, famous pancakes, shakes and savory hamburgers which can be with more than 2 million combinations.
  • The opening of VIPS Smart, which has created 20 new jobs, is a part of the Grupo Vips expansion plan for Galicia. Its Italian restaurant, Ginos, will also be opening in As Cancelas very soon.
Santiago de Compostela, 30th October, 2017.

Grupo Vips, one of the leading restaurant groups in Spain, has landed for the first time in Santiago de Compostela with its brand VIPS Smart, which offers a selection of the most iconic dishes from the well-known brand VIPS such as their famous pancakes and shakes, their more than 2 million different “your way” hamburger combinations, pizzas, sandwiches and salads, among other items.

It’s a wide offering designed for all tastes and needs which also includes savory options for those who are gluten-intolerant and for vegetarians in addition to special menus for kids.

With free soft drink refills, high-speed Wi-Fi and connectivity tables to be able to charge mobile devices, VIPS Smart is the ideal option for those who want to take a quick break while shopping as well as those who want to calmly enjoy their favorite dishes served by this brand, either alone or with friends, in a modern and cozy atmosphere.

Located in the As Cancelas shopping mall at Avenida Do Camiño Frances, the all-new VIPS Smart occupies a surface area of 210 m2 with the capacity to host 114 customers between its dining room (74) and expansive terrace (40).


Grupo Vips is committed to Galicia

With this new restaurant, which created 20 jobs, and the VIPS Smart that was recently inaugurated in Vigo at the Gran Via shopping mall, Grupo Vips is reaffirming its commitment to expanding its brands in Galicia with a mixed model by opening internally-owned restaurants as well as franchises with local partners.  Counting the new restaurants in Galicia, there are now 28 VIPS Smart locations (18 of them under franchising agreements) in addition to the 97 VIPS restaurants throughout Spain, one of which is in the Miramar shopping mall in A Coruña.

The next opening under this Galicia expansion plan Grupo Vips is working on will take place within a few weeks. The Grupo Vips Italian restaurant, Ginos, will be arriving for the first time ever in Santiago de Compostela.


All of the benefits of Club VIPS on your cell phone

VIPS Smart As Cancelas customers can enjoy all of the opportunities for free offered to members of the emblematic Club VIPS, a pioneer and unique loyalty program in the sector, and the Club VIPS App such as EuroVIPS and special mobile offers, geolocation, a Wi-Fi button to surf the web for free at all Grupo Vips locations, the possibility of ordering from a phone and paying faster with just a click and the Club VIPS coin purse so guests always have money available and can send money to others.

VIPS Smart

Shopping Mall As Cancelas

Avenida Do Camiño Francés, 3, 15703

Santiago de Compostela.

About VIPS:

VIPS is a Spanish restaurant and retail chain that belongs to Grupo Vips. It operates under three formats, offering a cafeteria-restaurant service combined with a retail shop, only the restaurant service without a shop and the quick service version, VIPS Smart, with a selection of the most iconic VIPS dishes without table service and at a more affordable price. The VIPS concept is known for its extended opening hours and for opening 365 days a year.

With a history of more than 45 years and a total of 123 locations throughout Spain (96 VIPS and 27 VIPS Smart), VIPS is a reference in the country's food service and retail sector.

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About Grupo Vips

Grupo Vips is one of the leading multi-brand and multi-format groups in the food service and retail sector in Spain. It includes restaurants, cafés and shops. The company manages a total of six well-known chains it either owns or operates under franchising agreements: Vips (cafeteria - restaurant and shop), Vips Smart, Ginos, Fridays and Starbucks Coffee in Spain, Portugal and Andorra with wagamama just joining them. Moreover, the group has a premium sandwich, salad and take-away product factory, BSF. The company manages a total of 370 locations serving more than 120,000 customers a day. It runs a pioneer and restaurant sector-leading loyalty program, Club VIPS, with more than 1,000,000 members throughout Spain.  The app, which is unique in the market and was launched at the end of April 2015, has already been downloaded more than 700,000 times. Grupo Vips is a private equity company which was founded in 1969. 70% of Grupo Vips shares are held by majority shareholders and founders, led by the Arango family, and 30% are held by the ProA Capital fund. Grupo Vips employs more than 9,200 people and ended fiscal year 2016 with 396.2 million euros in turnover.

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