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Discover the magic of Christmas at Starbucks

  • Christmas is coming early to Starbucks with three of its most iconic proposals: Gingerbread Latte, Toffee Nut Latte and Fudge Hot Chocolate.
  • Plus, for those who wish to enjoy the pleasures of Christmas without forgetting to take care of their health, Starbucks is expanding the Cold Brew line with Festive Cold Brew, a unique coffee with a touch of Christmas spice aroma and hints of orange and blueberries.
Madrid, 6th November, 2017.

 As is already tradition, the magic of Christmas is coming early to Starbucks once again. To ring in this special season in the best way possible, the brand is adding a series of products to its broad offering which will delight all of its guests. They’re for both those who allow themselves a treat as well as those who like taking care of themselves (even at Christmas!).

As is habitual at this time of year, Starbucks is welcoming Christmas with a special range of paper cups which will now allow customers to add their own touch of color. They continue to feature the white background with red and green Christmas motifs which have been hand-drawn on each cup.  Are you already wanting to see how yours will turn out?

Three iconic products that connect with the flavors of Christmas

This season, Starbucks is bringing back three of its most iconic beverages to offer the authentic flavors of Christmas to its customers. Gingerbread Latte, with a delicious ginger flavor; Toffee Nut Latte, with caramel flavor and a shaved nuts and toffee; and Fudge Hot Chocolate, a creamy milk chocolate with a hint of dulce de leche caramel topped off with whipped cream and golden white chocolate shavings.

The three beverages are available in the Frappuccino and Iced versions for those who prefer cold beverages even in the winter.

Retail price of Fudge Hot Chocolate, Toffee Nut Latte and Gingerbread Latte (tall size): €3.95


A different and very trendy product for those who take care of themselves even at Christmas

Starbucks has customers of all types so, it offers innovative products of the highest quality that adapt to each of their tastes. As a result of this commitment, this Christmas the brand is introducing Festive Cold Brew, a new variant that completes the Cold Brew line and has become the best option for those who like to take care of their figures without giving up on the best flavors.

Just like its older sisters, Festive Cold Brew is the result of the best 100% Arabic coffee infused for 20 hours. This artisan process, which is already quite the trend worldwide, preserves all the properties of the coffee.

To give it a little personality and make it a unique beverage, Starbucks baristas have added an aromatic and fruity touch based on the Christmas spice addiction as well as a bit of orange and blueberries.

And there are no excuses not to try it as this beverage only has 123 calories (tall version).

Retail price of Festive Cold Brew (tall size): €3.20

The ideal perfect pairing for Starbucks products this Christmas

And also coming back to accompany the Christmas beverages created by Starbucks’ baristas is its iconic Velvet Red Cake, a spongy scarlet chocolate-flavor cake covered with a rich cream cheese. The classic Candy Cane is also available once again in two flavors: mint and strawberry.

And as new products, the brand has also added a creamy chocolate brownie shaped like a Christmas Tree and the Praline Crunchy Loaf, made of hazelnuts with crunchy milk chocolate and almonds. 

Retail price of Red Velvet Cake: €4.20, Christmas Tree: €2.50, Praline Crunchy Loaf: €2.60 and the Candy Cane: €1.80


Seasonal coffee: Starbucks® Christmas Blend

Starbucks®Christmas Blend is a special coffee that has been made since 1984 to celebrate the holidays. A blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia as well as aged Sumatra beans that awaken the palate with deep spicy and sweet notes. It’s an extra intense flavor coffee with great body and a sweetness that can really be noticed at the end of each cup.

Starbucks® Christmas Blend is high intensity with cedar and spice notes which will no doubt help make each celebration very special.