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Club Vips committed to mobile, launches an innovative multi-brand App

    Madrid, 22nd April, 2015.


    Madrid, April 22, 2015 – Club VIPS, the Grupo Vips loyalty program, celebrates its 18th anniversary. On the occasion of this celebration, and as part of its commitment to innovation and technology, the New Club VIPS sees the lighta renewed loyalty program far more modern, closer and differential, and with more advantages and new benefits for its Members. In this way, Club VIPS joins the age of mobility and places an innovative tool in the catering sector and customer loyalty programs at the center of its strategy.

    Following two years of work, more than one million euros invested in the process and numerous professionals in the Group and external collaborators from different areas of expertise taking part in the project, this new App respects, shares and enhances the values that have made Club VIPS a community which today has 2,800,000 Members all over Spain, and generates 45% of the Group's sales. 

    In addition, this new tool improves and enhances the customer experience when visiting any of the 350 establishments of the six chains and four singular restaurants belonging to Grupo Vips, adding agility, convenience, security and variety to the Club VIPS services and offer.

    For Carlos Menéndez, Director of Club VIPS, “with this renewal, we wish to go one step beyond, going from a community mainly based on promotional benefits to a customer loyalty strategy that will provide new value-added services for our Club Members”.


    Club VIPS App: a wide variety of services available on your mobile

    The major innovation of the “New Club VIPS” consists of the launch of this App featuring a three-level approach: transactional, relational and facilitating for Group customers. In other words, the Club VIPS App is a tool for services and functions designed to add more value to Club Members, in real time and anywhere, making their life easier and improving their experience with all its brands.

    The new Club VIPS maintains all the values and benefits of the classic card, but adapting to the new formulas and needs of the current age of mobility.

    So, when a Member downloads the App, he/she will continue enjoying Club promotions and benefits without having to carry the EuroVIPS cheques or card in their wallet. In addition and as the great novelty, it has a new services gateway that includes different methods of payment by mobile phoneTake Away order servicetable reservation, geolocation of establishments, and the virtualization of EuroVIPS cheques and card, which until now were sent by post or printed off the website.

    Furthermore, this new App makes it possible to have very direct communication with Members; each of its capabilities is designed to add real customized value at the time of use.

    The Club VIPS App is free, developed for smartphones and available at App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. It brings together all Grupo Vips brands and can be used all over Spain.

    To celebrate its launch and encourage Club Members to download it, between April 23 and May 31, every person downloading the App will benefit from incentives that will randomly vary between a free drink, cocktail or dish, which will be directly downloaded to their promotions section. Also, from April 23, every person downloading the App until May 10 will enter a prize draw where they can win free breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner at any Grupo Vips establishment for a full year.


    An innovative and varied payments system

    One of the main innovations of the new Club App is the implementation of a wide variety of payment methods through the smartphone, many of them new to the catering sector, which will make transactions much quicker, easier and more efficient, favoring the brand user experience.

    To ensure these processes are carried out securely and efficiently, Grupo Vips has chosen BBVA as its partner, thus guaranteeing maximum security, and being a paragon of reliability.

    These forms of payment range from more traditional ones, such as the virtual POS payment gateway, to last generation ones like 1-click payments or wallets. For these forms of payment, neither Club VIPS nor its App store any financial data, BBVA being responsible for their processing and custody.

    In addition, Club VIPS launches a new payment system– Monedero Club VIPS [Club VIPS Wallet]– whereby Members can top up their account or that of other Members (children, friends, etc.). This is an ideal alternative to carrying cash, without having to make continuous ATM cash withdrawals. To promote its use, Club VIPS will give 5 euros to any Member when charging for the first time.

    According to Enrique Francia, CEO of Grupo Vips, “over the past two decades, our Club has proven to be a key competitive advantage for our Group, and has become an indisputable benchmark in loyalty programs in Spain. Convinced that our commitment to ongoing innovation is the only way of maintaining leadership, we believe the time has come to upgrade and adapt to the new era of mobile technology.”


    About Club VIPS

    Club VIPS is the Grupo Vips loyalty program. It currently has over 2 million Members and generates 45% of the Group's sales. It was created in 1996, being one of the first loyalty clubs promoted in Spain and a pioneer in the catering sector. Designed to acknowledge and reward the loyalty of all the different Group brand customers, Club VIPS has become a unique loyalty program in the catering sector for features such as being a free multi-brand Club, having 18 years of experience and a strong CRM supported by sophisticated customer insight technologies, to thus adapt to customer needs, as well as to continue to innovate according to their interests, adding value. Club VIPS, in its firm commitment to innovation, has just released a new App, “App Club VIPS”, to offer services and capabilities that  provide real-time added value for Club Members, anywhere, making their life easier and further enhancing their Club experience.


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